Night Time Dumpster Diving in Naperville Illinois USA

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Greg Zanis and his son Chris Zanis go on a Dumpster diving eventure in Naperviller Illinois USA. We found alot of clutches that we have sold for money at $1 and some for 50 cents each. We also went back to the same dumpsters in the day time and found metal and more.

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Wow! what a hall! I couldn't believe the stuff they were throwing out. You really made out good this time. Thanks for taking us along, and please bring us along next time!

Author — MIgardener


i love dumpster diving at stores. thats where i get my money at.   i have been going for 2 years everyday now.  i sell much stuff at my yard sale its crazy and all profit!!! 

Author — Dumpster Marcus


don't know what this video is about but I really like this video because of how happy you were, keep it up!

Author — latestfadest


You know man you are just so committed. I've never seen such a industrious person. You have to respect his determination.

Author — Julio Danks


I think I would be wearing a pair of gloves doing that!!

Author — Buttermybutt


If you look up the brand names on ebay sometimes you can get
$10-15 each, sometimes more for those shirts and sweat shirts

Author — Vicki Olson


not only have you made $$$, you've helped your community, reducing waste for the landfill, made it easier for others to get stuff they need or want!!
I scrap and collect obsoletes and old electronics for projects (I've made crystal radios, tools, and didn't need any $$! plus, the people that gave the stuff didn't know what to do with it! and radio shack is gone, can't buy some components.
happy scrapping!

Author — Sooner Science Nerd


I love your pick up truck. Great job guys!

Author — Melbourne Scrapper


You are a happy guy! Happy is where it is!

Author — bob Last


I want to know where u get 10 cents a pound for

Author — Dirtdog Scrapping


oh thank god he's keeping the tool chest. he finally found a value in something rather than destroying it like a maniac. EBAY MAN, EBAY!

Author — nunya baznus


Your so happy and excited in all your videos. Your kids and friends must love you dearly. Keep the viedos coming.

Author — itsme2369


Was that a clothing store, or a department store like Target, where they carry a little of everything. [That was amazing. makes me wish I had a truck or van.]

Author — Scott Martin


Is there a way to get a old of you? I'm in WI and would love to buy some Tshirts from you in bulk!

Author — Overland Cooking Life


As always I love that fiat drool/dance at the end.  Hopefully you invest it in silver or something 'cause the way things are going toilet paper will be more expensive soon.  

Author — Joe Piscapo


You guys really need to do more of the dumpster diving videos and videos of selling stuff because I've watched this one over and over again it's very entertaining

Author — jbowser45


Im glad Ur son gets to enjoy all this time and adventures with U.

Author — AxZxTxExCxA


LOL, you are so loud! I would be afraid someone will come out  and say get out!   love you video though. :)

Author — egypt4000


I love your video it seem like you high on life

Author — 9555aaron


your not related to a James B by any chance are you? I swear you look like a younger version of My uncle Jimmy!

I'm a dd in IL too :)

Author — Ihold8stars