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Here's What We Missed on Glee | Mic The Snare 5

Get your slushies ready, because this month’s Examining video is all about Glee. The hit Fox series was a behemoth in TV, but its impact on music was just as strong. Let’s take a retrospective walk through the full series, its music, and how these geeks managed to rise to (and fall from) the top…

Let me know your favorite Glee episode/song/character/Will rap in the comments!

NOTE 1: Drake surpassed Glee's record in March of this year, not February.

NOTE 2: At two points in this video, I use terms regarding people who use wheelchairs. Some of you have told me that these phrases are at best cringy, and at worst offensive. I apologize for using those terms, and will be more mindful of my language going forward.



Intro - 00:00
Backstory - 01:01
The Pilot - 01:43
Season 1 - 03:30
The Music of Glee - 06:57
Season 2 - 11:05
The Business of Glee - 14:40
Season 3 - 17:44
Season 4 - 26:25
The Quarterback - 36:55
Season 5 - 39:40
Season 6 - 44:46
Aftermath/Impact - 49:37



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Kitty/Marley Clip from Oh Hello! On Broadway (Netflix)

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One Small Correction: Drake actually beat the Glee Cast's Hot 100 record in March 2020, not February.

Author — MicTheSnare


If Glee was on today Will Schuester absolutely would have sung ‘Senorita’ with Rachel and it would have been incredibly creepy.

Author — Robert Richmond


Glee finishing before Hamilton happened was probably a good thing

Author — Candice Luke


Rachel Berry supposedly winning a Tony this year is why 2020 is so cursed

Author — breetoldyouso


My new hot take: Glee is actually just the Rachel universe and she's an unreliable narrator
That's the only explanation I have

Author — caro


I have to totally disagree about Santana. Her storyline hit me more than Kurt.

I love Kurt. But not everyone has a Burt in their life. Santana's outing is a far more likely scenerio.

Author — Caitlyn Conboy


Kinda upset how you didn’t mention that Sam’s character changed every season. They did not know what to do with that character.

Author — stepherson


Just wanna add how much Glee failed young artists of color. Seeing how Mercedes "the Diva" and Santana (rest in peace Naya) as the "spicy Latina" and Tina and Mike "the quiet ones" were used to uplift stereotypes as well as used as props to uplift white characters shows why social justice movements were glossed over and statements like "you're minorities because you're in Glee" wouldn't fly now. I would argue that at least for the glee members who weren't white, their actions always had consequences. they had the potential of so much rich storytelling but the writers were so damn irresponsible they never realized what they had in front of them. In retrospect, the show was never progressive. It only repackaged diversity as something palpable and colorful without actually doing anything. And this helped strengthen a ripple effect we're seeing now in theatre and the entertainment industry. Diversity means nothing if there isn't equity.

Author — Natalie S


they absolutely RUINED blaine’s character after the second season. He turned from a suave, confident place of safety for kurt, into somewhat of a stereotypical gay character who had almost none of the confidence or personality that he possessed before. even his hair was completely ruined lmaoo. I feel that the original blaine could have been developed as a deeper character, but i feel that he became rather shallow.

— not bashing on darren criss at all, he is my idol and in my opinion one of the only consistently best vocalists on glee (besides a select few others) as well as being a fantastic actor and artist overall

Author — a Moerike


“Where the show went bad is up to personal opinion”
Me: season 5 for sure
Video: episode TWO

Author — James Pinnell


Season 4 is a mess, but i have to admit that their version of Let Me Love You is better than the original in my opinion

Author — LavenousForever



Author — Nico Viola


Naya Rivera singing "If I die Young" really hits hard this week. :(

Author — Matthew Balsinger


I wish the story line of Brittany and Santana's love was mentioned. Their character development as a couple was actually beautiful and well-done, unlike maaannnyyy of the other plot lines. I loved the way they went through the motions of being confused and conflicted with their sexuality, and eventually created, in my opinion, the best relationship on the show.

Author — Emma Poorman


I’m sorry but the only perfect characters are Mike Chang and Burt Hummel

Author — Mr. Roboto


You forgot one of the worst parts of the school shooting episode:
Ryder: Hey I just wanted to tell everyone I got molested when I was 11 by my babysitter.
Artie and Sam: Wow that’s so cool man. Getting abused by an older woman is hot. We are going to completely ignore how bad that sounds, never apologize, and suffer no consequences for this other than Will saying “hey that’s not cool man.”
Kitty: I am a survivor as well, Ryder. I haven’t been able to share this and it’s hard coming forward.
Ryder: Lol I just told you all that because I’m trying to figure out who’s catfishing me. Nothing else about this is important. Just figuring out who my catfisher is so I can have a mini arc in the finale.

Author — Queen Katara


I like how we all silently agree: Mike Chang never did anything wrong

Author — Mandie Winchester


Am I the only one who remembers about Sue’s baby ?! Whatever happened with that

Author — Jennifer Alvarez


I hate that they gave Rachel her dream role and everything was perfect then she just basically gave it up to do this stupid tv show smh 🤦‍♀️ 😂

Author — Scarlett Eadie


You forgot the fact that the only bisexual character portrayed was also basically perpetually confused in general

Author — Harley Quinn