Nazi Temples of Doom - Munich 1945

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Credits: US National Archives; Thomas Wolf; Fentriss; Fred Romero; Sam; G. Recli

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This is what uncensored and sophisticated historian can produce. Absolute excellence.

Author — N D


"SS Death's head rings."
"Hitler's flying saucers."
"Nazi temples of doom."

When are you releasing this death metal album, Dr. Felton?

Author — Ren


This left me wondering what kind of monument Hitler intended for himself and where it was to be located. Was it to resemble Napoleon’s tomb at Les Invalides? Was it to be located in Berlin or Munich or Nuremberg or perhaps his birthplace? Was his monument already designed? By Speer or someone else perhaps? If Dr Felton doesn’t already know, I’m sure he will share that information before too long.

Author — Christian Unger


Mark, you surely do know how to curate an interesting topic and present it with astounding sobriety. Thanks for bringing some gravitas to this madhouse that is YouTube.

Author — Thiago Piwowarczyk


This one surprised me. Never had heard of this before, this is why I fallow you sir.

Author — Northern Chad


We went to Berlin in 2006. It was mind boggling on so many levels. Just the staggering amount of history and what took place there was very, very hard to grasp at times. One part was of the left with all the bullet holes and burnt out buildings. Other parts with new ultra modern buildings.
Check Point Charlie Was there. Parts of the wall. We drove past where Hitlers Bunker was. At the time, a chain link was all that separated us from it.
Everyone who can needs to see it. Then go stand on the beaches of Normandy. Then go up to the cemetery that's above it. It's not a fun filled vacation... Thank you as always Professor for keeping all this in perspective and alive in the minds of people who still care.

Author — rodger Rodger


Another excellent Video. Really enjoyed the "Then & Now" photos.

Author — The Dude Abides


Yes, the nazis certainly did some heinous acts. However, to have some of these artifacts in a museum and would be a wonder to see first hand. It's unfortunate that most of was destroyed. We can't bury their crimes, but we also should not forget our history. It reminds us to not let it happen again. Unfortunately, I think that it has already begun, right under our noses.



It's so weird to hear someone talk about your home city as if it was some mysterious place from a Indiana Jones Movies.

It's also quite wierd to think that I have been compleatly wasted on yearly Student parties on the Königsplatz, whereas other people (from other countries) think of it as the birthplace and the center of the Nazi Regime.

The Munich inner city around the Universities is incredibly rich in history and I can only reccoment a visit

Author — hansdietrich83


Spent a couple summers happily living right next to the Koeningsplatz in the 80s and then the late 90s, and sat on the Feldherrnhalle for the funeral of Albrect, Duke of Bavaria. I well knew the history of Munich as the Haupstadt der Bewegung, and always noted the holes in the walls where the Nazi memorials and monuments had been, not to mention the bits and pieces of architectural features that survive to this day. Passing the elderly at that time, I always wondered...had you been?

Author — Louis Yock


History channel: "this is outrageous! Its unfair! How can he make better historical content under 15 minutes while we suck at an hour!?"

Author — SpaceMonkeyBoi


Mark Felton, Indy Neidell, and the History guy are the best historians on YouTube:)

Author — Alex Amerling


I didnt know anything about these temples - although I live in austria and I am very interested in WW2 history. Thank you for filling this gap!

Author — Rhinozherous


"Never attempt to win by force what you might win by fraud." —Machiavelli’s advice to the Prince.

Author — Bobby R.


Fascinating and I had no idea that even existed! Once again Mark you have not only entertained me with your amazing videos but also educated me even more on a topic I find very interesting as my Grandmother was in the resistance in France and helped allied airmen get back to England.

Author — The 78 Sampler


It's always a great day when you get a new Mark Felton video to watch! Outstanding as always, Mark and Production team.

Author — Thomas H


Thanks for this unique glimpse at this aspect of Nazi ideology. It impresses me that there was such a spiritual/occult perspective to the regime. I suppose it makes since. This would be necessary to generate the fanatical support which Nazism engendered. Excellent work! Thanks.

Author — Walt Sears


Wow, revelatory to me. Unknown History, Properly Packaged and Professionally Presented.

Author — Electrawire


Thank you so much for your work. I love hearing about the details of footage that I have seen used in countless WW2 documentaries as stock footage. You flesh out all of the details of these places and it is much appreciated.

Author — Michael Richards


I was 1 month ago in Munich for a short trip, this video gives me more feeling of how things where back then. Great video Mark!

Author — Robin 2021