ANTHEM NEWS - Bioware Looking At APEX LEGENDS To Improve Game & NEW UPDATE Undocumented Changes!

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ANTHEM NEWS - Bioware Looking At APEX LEGENDS To Improve Game & NEW UPDATE Undocumented Changes! 5
ANTHEM NEWS - Bioware Looking At APEX LEGENDS To Improve Game & NEW UPDATE Undocumented Changes!

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💬 Comments on the video

Being able to hang around after a boss fight would be cool.. photo mode anyone?

Author — Erik Oliver


I'm experiencing the same frame rate decrease since the patch as well.

Author — David Millican


i just come here to listen to your voice . its unique @KhrazeGaming

Author — Prashanth Doshi


Played Grandmaster 1 for about 3 hours, didn't get a single masterwork or legendary item. Played on normal difficulty for 2 hours - 3 masterwork Items and a legendary. lol.

Author — MangoSauce Gaming


This game has had tons of changes before it even releases.

Author — tnyeh


Mission variety is my big hope along with the aforementioned stat page. I LOVED the "Being pushed back" feeling whilst defending against the horde attacking the gate in the trials quest line, that could totally be a thing! 'Defend X Objective until they are ready to leave / evacuate / become functional'

For E.G, at the end of a contract / legendary contract you arrive at a base / tank / weapon that's lost power & it's defenses are offline, hold against increasingly aggressive waves on enemies being pushed further & further back until the final wave (including some legendary's / a boss tier mob) almost reach it then it all comes online & boom it's safe, good job boys here's your loot.

Author — Y0shu


If anyone needs more people to play with on Xbox later feel free to add me!
Im in Europe if that matters for connection :)
GT: Peariod
Send me a message

Author — Connorpear


The song is Unspeakable Strudel by Mitchell Doxon for anyone wondering.

Author — Blake Simeone


Yes, much more fps drops on this new patch

Author — DrakE (original)


This game is Mass Effect Andromeda with IronMan suits.

Author — R.E.Z


"They downed me so I had to leave"

What's wrong with this game in just one sentence

Author — Soviet Union


Access to the original Javelin. Looks like a Paladin Javelin 💩

Author — ThePhaiden


I think gm3 should be 550+ and gm2 500+

Author — Yo Wisely


Just played after the patch and it is much improved. The loading screen issues are pretty much gone and glitches cleaned up. I was very disappointed on the two early play Beta and Alpha but they are really looking better. The loading screens were driving me crazy and then after loading I would be behind the group and start loading again. That has all been corrected. We will see.

Author — JohnCanFixAnything


What? The new expedition screen is much better, sure, you get used to the old one, but this new one you dont have to get used to at all. Much better for new players. Imo at least. Great video 😊

Author — JoeKold Media


I also experience the performance degradation you mentioned, after the patch. Thankfully there is a a fix/workaround that greatly improved the game for me. One of the devs retwitted it the reddit thread. I know, it's something that we shouldn't have to do but for now it definitely gave me over 25fps back.

Author — Chuchu - Games and Guitars


Im not really feeling that list. Not a fan.

Author — Ethen Jordan


I can confirm that the loading times on PC for older hard drives are far faster. What used to take 2 mins to load takes no more than 20 seconds now.

Author — Psi'on Phoenix Gaming


Great video, you do have good content. 🙂 I need to add people who play from 3pm to night CENTRAL TIME US. If anyone would like to add me. Reflectingglory on PC

Author — J webb


Game gets better at the end. Masterwork gear really starts to make the game more interesting as it gets away from just have better stats. Only issue I see going forward is that the end game content is pretty lean atm.
Any PC players looking to add friends for coins look me up @ RainbowBruute.

Author — Macho Ma'am