Coleman Hughes on Gender Pronouns: How Far is too Far with Helen Joyce

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In this miniclip Helen Joyce and I talk about Gender Pronouns and their implications in society.

The full episode on The Transgender Revolution with Helen Joyce is now available to all.


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The fact we're even having to have this conversation and engage intellectual resources is completely insane.

Author — Harrison Funke


As the ex wife of a Tr Id'd man, who was my husband for 16 years, I say that we must, to keep our own sanity, refer to my ex as the father of our 2 sons. Because he has called himself their mother, for his convenience, and he still does. I hit the wall with it when I found out he is now the Chief Operating Officer of his company, the one he pretended to be the "low level sales" rep in, to get out of paying child support. I was a public school Kindergarten teacher. No one seems to understand the ramifications, the deep ones, for the very warp and weft of society. No thanks, in advance, to the violent rhetoric of the Genderist extremists, who think I deserve to die for telling my truth. This aint even the half of it.

Author — happily retired


".. and when we have American Governor's putting rapists and murderers of women, in women's shelters and women's prisons, the time for just being polite is long past." - Helen Joyce
Amen, sister.

Author — Common Sense Craziness


Ben Shaperio has made it clear that he would use somebody's pronouns in private conversation for the sake of being polite, but will not do so in public discussion where reality and truth are being determined.

Author — Ernie LeDuc Jr.


How often do you use people's pronouns in their presence? I usualy use 'you' and 'your'.

Author — Arthur Hagen


Pronouns are not "gendered" for living creatures, they are sexed. The same reason you would call your female pet dog, female pet cat, female pet hamster "she" is the same reason you call your mom "she" without asking pronouns. There are certain words that are sexed because they describe the reality of living sexed creatures.

Pronouns don't function in the brain the same way more conceptual grammar concepts do either. Even in languages nominally without gender that come from gendered languages, like English, personal pronouns are sexed, pronouns for inanimate objects are gendered or neuter based on rules mostly lost to time. Gendered pronouns in other languages, like Romance languages, don't function the same way and usually don't (that I'm aware of) default to female, ever, for unknown sex for living creatures. It's always neuter or male. English speakers use "it" which is neuter and that's all we have for either inanimate or unknown sex of creatures who aren't people.

Once you know the sex of someone it's incredibly difficult to remove this connection in the brain because it's fundamental to how humans everywhere have understood and described the world, possibly since language existed. And this connection extends across every animal that we know sexually reproduces. I also really hate how the pronoun police seem to not care at all that attempting to fundamentally remove language that is essentially based on instinct really fucks with people with brain damage or ASD or other language learning issues whose brains cannot cope with having incredibly unclear rules that have never applied before and go against basically everything we know as sexed animals.

Author — Kate Si


Coleman, there’s a good chance you don’t know this, but Ben Shapiro took a person who he misgendered at a speech out for coffee to apologize. In private settings he uses people’s pronouns, but when discussing policy and speaking in public arenas the niceties & concessions should be put away.

Author — Jensen Pelo


The internet produces ideas that are divorced from reality. That's the underlying problem. The virtual world is a predicate of the real one, and always will be.

Author — Dan D


Yea.. I came so far in life and met so many people that I developed my own rule, if someone asks me for special pronouns I disengage. I have no interest in engaging with those people, because we are miles apart on such a fundamental level and there is plenty fish in the see.

Author — k4yser


I LOVE how Helen Joyce lays out her case. VERY well put.

Author — JediNiyte


Why stop at sex/gender when we can state our race, beauty, intellect, name or even whether I'm a child or adult. They are all just social constructs after all.

Author — Home Wall


Watch TT Exulansic on this- she is a linguist and breaks down what third party pronouns are & how they function in our language.

I do not believe in the gender religion. I do not recognise gender identity. I use third person pronouns to denote sex, I always have and so have all speakers of my language. I have the right to express myself through my own language. It is cruel & controlling to try to force language on me that expresses a belief system I do not hold & actively stand against

Author — Jessica


She....seemed very reasonable? With the outcry on Twitter, I nearly expected her to sprout devil horns.

Author — AurorXZ


On arrest, I'll find myself gender fluid. My pronouns are "My Lord" when talking to me, and "Our Lord" the rest of the time.

Author — Home Wall


One important question: do adjusted pronouns actually resolve/help the individual requesting the change?

Author — James Taite


Bravo to Helen Joyce! I support her 100% on this matter. Personally, if I think someone is genuine I will honour their pronoun preference. E.g. I would call Caitlyn Jenner or Blaire White "she/her". And I would call Elliot Page "he/him", because I think he has genuine gender dysphoria. On the other hand, I'm not going to call Eddie Izzard "she", because he spent years publicising his transvestism. He's only jumped on the Trans bandwagon in order to push an ideological agenda. And I'm simply not having "they/them". Non-binary is just attention-seeking nonsense!

Author — Lleng Such


Let yer freak flag fly, but words have meaning. I will call someone asexual when they can produce a baby from soley their own genetic material.

Author — Sea Poup


Anyone can ask anything of me, however I’m not legally required to acquiesce, I’m also not legally bound to make sure my every action doesn’t offend or hurt the feelings of others. I’m certainly not without empathy, but when these folks started infringing on people’s rights, or ruining careers, is when I decided even more so that I’m on the side of the sticks and stones philosophy, these children need to toughen up and stop acting fascistic.

Author — Cipher_X_x


The distinction to me is that the words he and she have always by default referred to someone's sex. The left are the ones who insist it is a "gender" pronoun. But that is simply not accurate. That is not how we have used the word historically, ever. Even if a woman was a tomboy, extremely masculine, dresses in baggy clothes, plays football with the boys and all the rest, we would maybe call her "manly", but we wouldn't call her a man. And we wouldn't start calling *her* and a *he* either. It's simply not a natural progression. Because the pronouns are not about masculine and feminine traits, it's about sex. That's why I will reject using someone's pronouns.

Not to mention I think it is damaging to the trans individuals to never encounter any strife or pushback in their social life. Everyone bending backwards for them is only going to make them feel more righteous. If they feel uncomfortable with me using the "wrong" pronouns, and that uncomfortability somehow gives them the moral highground to demand I use them, can I then not take the moral highground and say making me use words I don't want to use, twisting their meaning and language itself is totalitarian, and that makes ME uncomfortable, so instead I get to demand should respect MY word choice.

The only terms on which I can agree to it is if it's treated like a game, where we're both pretending. Much like I might call an obvious crossdressing man a woman, because there's no confusion that we're both aware he isn't actually a woman, and he's merely pretending. That's not the claim trans people make when they demand you use a certain pronoun, as Helen clearly laid out.

Author — No Google, I don't want to use my real name.


Coleman, I think you're misrepresenting Shapiro's views. From the videos I've seen, he'd agree with your position in this video clip entirely.

Author — Tru Dat