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Why don't we learn some English at the shopping mall? The other day I went on a shopping trip to the shopping mall. In English we usually just call it the mall. While I was there I took some time to make a "Let's Learn English at the Shopping Mall" video ( with English Subtitles ) to help you with your English.

I even visit a book store while I'm there! Enjoy!

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⌛ Remember: Always watch the video three times. Twice today with English subtitles on, and once tomorrow with English subtitles off to reinforce what you have learned!


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Hi! Bob the Canadian here. Let’s learn English….

Well that’s not very nice!

Let’s learn English at the shopping mall. Hey welcome to this video. If this is your first time here don’t forget to click the subscribe button below. And if you don’t mind at some point during this video give me a thumbs up. Let’s head into the mall.

So one of the first things I like to look for when I walk into the entrance of a mall is the map and the list of stores. If you look down here it will list all of the stores that are in the mall, and you can find the particular store that you’re looking for with it’s number. So for instance if I wanted to go to Shoppers Drug Mart. It’s store number 8. I can then look at the map and find store number 8. There should also be a “You Are Here.” type of thing. Why can’t I find it? Oh it’s over here. It’s a little hard for me sometimes to think quickly. But, “You are Here” so I know that I came in this entranceway and I’m standing right here right now.

So I should say though that often I’ll just refer to the shopping mall as a mall. In English we often have short forms for different words. We don’t often actually say the word, “shopping mall”. We usually just say mall. I’m going to the mall. I’m going to get some things at the mall.

And there’s a couple different kinds of stores at the mall. If you look behind me there’s a traditional type of store, but if you look right here there’s something that we would call a “kiosk”. This particular kiosk looks like it sells cell phones.

Probably the store that you’ll find the most often at the mall is a clothing store. I think in this mall almost probably ¾ of the stores are actually clothing stores.

Other types of stores are things like, behind me over here there’s a card store, and over here there is a game store, a video game store, and if you look way, oh, there’s another clothing store, and if you look way down there, there’s a cell phone store. So those are some of the typical types of stores that you’ll find at a mall.

This is where my kids always wanna stop when we’re at the mall. But I always say no. Am I a mean dad? And they always wanna stop here too and I say no again.

So behind me here you’ll see a shoe store. There’s usually two or three shoe stores in a mall. I don’t buy shoes very often so it’s not a store that I go into a lot. But let’s walk for a bit and I’ll show you what my favourite store is.

So behind me is my favourite store, which a bookstore. I love to read books. I think maybe we should go inside and see if they have a good book to help people learn English. I don’t know if they do, but I’m just gonna walk in and ask them, so let’s go.

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I really love your videos!!! Please keep doing this great work!

Author — Rodolfo Lopes


Great job Bob! Your videos are very interesting and we can learn both English and Canadian culture. Thank you so much! Greetings from Brazil!

Author — José Augusto Pereira de Sousa


Videos at different places like the mall are always really good and show us many curiosities about the other countries getting more fun and easy to learn English. Thanks a lot, teacher Bob!

Author — Geovane Santos


Hi, Bob the Canadian. You're an excellent English teacher. I've been learning a lot. Thank you so much.

Author — Atilioam


Great Bob, thanks to you I could pick up lot of expressions, phrasal verbs and new words only by watching this video...Thank you very much for taking your time sharing English related stuff with us.

Author — Yuri Machado


Thank you Bob! Your videos often help my students getting understandable speaking, as well as great vocabulary! I appreciate that and I usually believe your videos so much, that I can actually skip checking them by myself ahah)

Author — Ilia Shabanov


Bob,your Video makes learning English not boring. There are lots of foreigners whose mother tongue is English get a good English teacher position in International school in China. They normally have summer break and winter break, then can travel in different Chinese cities. In one word, welcome to China ! We cannot miss such a good English teacher.

Author — 愿你已放下常驻光明里


Hey Bob: down here in Brazil, malls are alike. But we don't call them as mall, we only call them as shopping center. Some of them are up to 5 floors high.

Author — Sergio Milk


Thanks a lot for your job Bob. You teach with passion topics that nobody teaches: the everyday life.
I find each setting you choose (from road, gas station, the mall, to teach new expressions, are very useful.
The thing is I'm from Argentina, so I speak Spanish, and English as s second language. I moved to Australia. But what is more difficult to me is exactly what you teach. Common expressions for everyday places. Go on! Thanks

Author — Jose Agustin Orlando


I gotta say this is one if not the best channel offering a way more natural and engaging approach to learning...awesome content Bob !! 💥🤘🐱‍🏍

Author — Joe_Anroy


Sympathique et agréable façon d'améliorer son anglais avec les vidéos de Bob le Canadien !
Thank you so much Bob -
GC - France

Author — Gilbert Cottet


Thank you very much Bob for teaching us the English language, we really appreciate what you do,
as always you have a thumb up

Author — Joseph.Ant_Xx


Really enjoy this sort of videos, not only to learn English, more interesting to me is understand a different life style from the country I live. Thanks Bob

Author — Gary Yang


quite a relaxing time when watching and learning English through your video! Thank you Bob!

Author — Bui Thi Hien CNTY


I was there today! Thanks Bob, your videos are really useful to learn new English expressions :)

Author — Maximiliano Moraga


Hello Bob! Your videos are really helpful! I already recommend your channel to my other international friends. :)

Author — 김봉봉


Hi Bob. Thanks for great videos. I enjoy watching and listening to English native speaker talking about various things in a real place, in a context. Would you mind to take another person sometimes to make a a sort of conversation, a dialog? Maybe a kind of interview? Thanks. As you've once said, it's great if somebody chooses his or her favorite TV show or series to watch regularly. My favorite is The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I think it's important for a learner to turn on the English subtitles if they're available. Greetings from Poland.

Author — Lech Simon


Thank you, Bob. Your videos are always very useful and fun.

Author — Robervan Hohenfeld


Good morning Teacher. Watching your videos, I feel like not only learn English, but aslo I can learn Canadian culture. I really love Canada, my auntie lives in Edmonton. I wish my dream of studying in Canada come true, by the way, I'm from Vietnam. I'm willing to be your family's tourguide if you wanna come to visit Vietnam. Stay healthy Teacher♥️♥️♥️♥️

Author — 2718_Bùi Thục My


I think it’s very interesting to watch somebody describing common things like a mall. I would watch those videos even though they were in my first language. Thank you, Bob the Canadian!)

Author — Diman Rubik