What If the Yellowstone Volcano Erupted Tomorrow?

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What If the Yellowstone Volcano Erupted Tomorrow? 5

Located in the United States, one of the world's largest volcanoes is gearing up to explode. It's known as the Yellowstone Volcano, and it's not just any regular volcano. Instead, it's a supervolcano! If Yellowstone decided to erupt, the results would be devastating. But just how bad would they be? Is there anything we could do to stop it? Could this affect the entire world? And how would this change our weather?

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Yellowstone won’t erupt for the foreseeable future ...it hasn’t been on a Simpsons episode yet.

Author — Daniel Powell


The only person alive would be the queen

Author — THE WERTY


What if Yellowstone erupted?
2020: care to find out?

Author — CattoCrunch


Teacher: “you’re still doing the homework”

Author — frech fry


Yellowstone: *erupts*

Astronauts: "Huh that's weird"

Author — Wut-Guy-Creations


It should mind it’s business and stay quarantined like the rest of us.

Author — Zur


I would simply just stop it cause I’m built different 😈

Author — Bryan L.


2:30 the ash would effect the entire United States and Canada?
What....not Mexico?
That must be some powerful wall Trump is putting up🤣

Author — RW2996


Simpsons: Shows yellowstone erupting

Literally everyone: *uh oh*

Author — jakeisacake


The Narrator is so chipper “ if you breathe the ash it turns into cement in your lungs”
Me: Well that doesn’t sound so bad

Author — A Bite Of Life


Coronavirus: (Fails to eradicate the human race)
*_Yellowstone: "Fine, I'll do it myself."_*

Author — Just Some Girl With A Mustache


Volcano: *erupts*
Mom: "youre still going to school!"

Author — Sulfurrcakes Pig


I’d be fine with it erupting in 100, 000 years because I’d be dead by then and in 100, 000 years humanity would’ve probably found a solution by then

Author — anatasia


The world is ending because Yellowstone erupts

Job: so are you still doing your shift?

Me: 😒

Author — More iz Lyfe


Yellowstone and Mt.Toba on 1 million years ago be like: "Lets make some boom things"

Author — Logginzi HD


short answer: : we’ll die

long answer: we *will* die

Author — fyre


umm...i thought the last Yellowstone eruption was 640, 999 yrs ago...I've always heard we're 40k yrs overdue.

Author — proud2bpagan


Yellowstone volcano is overdue:
2020: *Now this looks like a job for me*

Author — Elephantz0


“if you live in north america you can’t do anything about it”
people who live in canada 👁👄👁

Author — itssdana


It would finally be warm in Russia lol

Author — Joseph Pruitt