What If the Yellowstone Volcano Erupted Tomorrow?

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What If the Yellowstone Volcano Erupted Tomorrow? 5

Located in the United States, one of the world's largest volcanoes is gearing up to explode. It's known as the Yellowstone Volcano, and it's not just any regular volcano. Instead, it's a supervolcano! If Yellowstone decided to erupt, the results would be devastating. But just how bad would they be? Is there anything we could do to stop it? Could this affect the entire world? And how would this change our weather?

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Yellowstone won’t erupt for the foreseeable future ...it hasn’t been on a Simpsons episode yet.

Author — Daniel Powell


The way 2020 is going, i wouldn't be surprised if it erupted this year

Author — HVideos


Video: “something like this would probably never happen”

April: “Don’t temp me”

Author — [B]eter B


Humans: *beats coronavirus*

2020: Congratulations!! You've completed the tutorial!

Level 1: "Yellowstone eruption"

Author — Fahim Ahmed


3:58 “Luckily you can take a deep breathe of ashless oxygen”
Coronavirus: “oh no you can’t”

Author — Jaydyn M


Just heard Yellowstone has been hit by some earthquakes, so I’m here just to do some research.

Author — Lord Waffle


Who else heard about the earthquakes and came here

Author — Milwaukee Baby


Y’all gave 2020 the idea and now it’s actually tryna blow.

Author — Makoto Ren


Humans- we need a solution to global warming

Yellowstone Volcano-hold my ash

Author — Jackisback9


It should mind it’s business and stay quarantined like the rest of us.

Author — BerserkTheKid


Us in 2012: u gonna explode?

Volcano: no

Us in April: please don’t explo-

Volcano: *my time has come*

Author — R A


Humans in 2021: you Can't Defeat Me

Cronavirus: I Can't But He Can

Yellowstone Has Entered The Chat

Author — KillerPifen


Who else is watching this after the 12 earth quakes occurred in yellow stone in just an 24 hour span? 2020 is a movie and yellow stone is the grand finale...

Author — sold_my_mom _for_rp


4:01 "something like this will probably never happen"
2020: I'm bout to end this mans whole career

Author — YK 16


Coronavirus: (Fails to eradicate the human race)
*_Yellowstone: "Fine, I'll do it myself."_*

Author — Just Some Girl With A Mustache


I got a front row seat here on the east coast.should be a good show.

Author — D. Day


This video: exists

Me who learned about yellowstone in geography once: I’m something of a scientist myself

Author — _ SPARKY _


This guy: 'what if yellow stone erupted tomorrow'
2020: 'Put that on the dart board next to new virus'

Author — Apex Predator


Yellowstone: Erupts

Earth: Oh s*** here we go again
*_Coronavirus has left the server_*

Author — ColorBryte


short answer: : we’ll die

long answer: we *will* die

Author — Nam Do