8 Kids Who Play Professional Sports

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8 Kids Who Play Professional Sports 5

Professional sports puts a lot of pressure on you. Exhausting workouts, constant stress, high expectations... It’s especially hard to deal with all this when you’re just a kid. Yes, people who pursue a career in sports from early childhood face many challenges before they win their first medals. But sometimes young athletes are just as skillful as adults.
How do they achieve this? Well, their incredible talent is simply impossible to hide! In today's video, we will talk about kids in professional sports.

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What were you doing at 13-16 years old

Me? Oh watching youtube vids

Omg thanks for so many likes... I like ti know that peoppe feel the same 😂😂

Author — soccer 101


I love how half of these “kids” are 16 or 17.

Author — Ariella Kherrington


And here me 19 yo, and worth of nothing.

Author — Vikash Tiwari


Many gymnasts were competing at world or Olympic medals at 16, or occasionally 15. For example, Jordan Wieber won the world championships at 15.

Author — Cactus S


As soon as a saw karamoko on the thumbnail clicked on this straight away 🇮🇪🇮🇪☘️☘️

Author — Robogaming 123


0:28 did he say “kids who professional sports” he forgot the “do”

Author — Not_Al9x_Gaming


What about tomokazu harimoto in table tennis?. He was 14 when he won czech open and 15 when he won world tour grand finals.

Author — Alex Macdonell


Makes me wonder if these kids had much of a childhood.... and how wealthy their parents must be...

Author — Kasey S


Do a video on all of the sports that us blind people play with our ears.

Author — Justin Holland


2:41 it was the fourth round of Wimbledon 2019 not 2018 pahahaha

Author — Jessica Hart


“How they achieve it” there coaches pushing them everyday so that there balling their eyes out with gymnastics, cheer, dance and any other sport that involves any thing like those 3 sports

Author — Brooklyn Maree


Me too I wanna be like that boy he was playing soccer 😍😍😍

Author — Chris omari


1:05 damn these people are being SCHOOLED by a KID who should be in SCHOOL

Author — Noona Park


Harimoto tomokazu is the youngest tt player...
can easily defeat kanak jha

Author — Sonal Gupta


well im a professional loser so we're all winning here

Author — Mx1air


In 67 in the heat of lisbon we see the boys become CHAMPIONS

Author — Gall 753


6:30 Meanwhile I can't even skip school but she out here driving racecars?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



Me, ya know 13,
... hold on lemme pause this comment, I gotta go see when the fridge lights turn off, be back!

Author — GFlo BTW


I think by number 3 he was regretting making a video entirely based on the recording of children...

Author — Something Original :3


Me: 23 years old and tired after playing 15 minutes of football.

Author — Hespiota