Jirga - Behind The Scenes

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Before you watch Jirga in cinemas – out today – see director Benjamin Gilmour tell the unbelievable story of how it was made.

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i had the pleasure of meeting Mr Benjamin in London couple of times at the screening of Son of The Lion, he is a fine gentleman and a great director. Jirga is another brilliant movie from him .

Author — ash TARAKY


Commendable work. All the crew members need to be praised for this piece of art. Everything in the movie was made so much accurate that it looked 100% real. Special tap on the back for taxi driver. Thanks for showing our soft image to the world.

Author — Ibad Baseer


when Jirga will be broadcasted in Italy?

Author — pasquale florio


this is a bridge btw now and the future

Author — Downrange Film


Yes dealing with the ISI in Pakistan is a trip. But the people of Pakistan and Peshawar was worth all the trouble I had with the ISI.. They thought I was an American agent. God forbid. Great movie I loved it.

Author — Suz Valentino


I don't know if this will justify the means but I hope people don't forget that most of the Taliban fighters say if the soldiers leave they'll still hate America and its citizens and I'm sure other countries and consider them Infidel still. Or the women who are treated like slaves and get killed for things you would never believe somebody could get killed for.

Author — Dick Smith