Germany’s Frankfurt and Nürnberg

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Germany’s Frankfurt and Nürnberg 5

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as a german i feel sad about all the lost architecture of the war. germany was SO much more beautiful before the war.

Author — weisthor0815


The poor guy being filmed leaving the brothel. I hope his wife doesn't see this video.

Author — MaggotDiggo1


I seriously enjoy watching Rick Steves traveling shows

Author — Jessica Ramirez


0:49 that girl with the bike strutted like nobody's business

Author — RED REBEL


In this time of pandemic, Rick Steve's videos have become my means to temporarily escape everything that's happening right now. 😔

Author — arc46


00:51 blonde chick with bike sweared like the camera was for her. She was trying to throw her hips out with that walk🤣🤣🤣

Author — Humberto Soto


Thanks to Rick Steve's I've traveled around Europe just with my computer haha ! I really love this channel, it helps me find out which countries i will be visiting next, in real life ;)

Author — Adrien V


YES, more Rick Steves. . .i need my Rick Steves!

Author — GarrusN7


Fantastic! Rick Steves makes me feel like travelling at the drop of a hat

Author — Fabio Emerim


Im moving to Nuremberg soon. Cant wait :D

Author — Aleksa944


Greetings from Romania ! 🇷🇴🇩🇪
I can’t wait to visit Germany in this winter !

Author — Noricx


Great video !!! Frankfurt is wonderful. Next time you have to visit Heidelberg... What a beatiful city. Greetings from Chile.

Author — Hernan


Nice choices to visit Frankfurt and Nurnberg.

greets from Frankfurt btw.

Author — SausageFruit


The Germans never seize to leave me in awe with their pursuit of engineering and beautiful architecture.

Author — Michaelscope


Nuremberg is the most beautiful city in Germany! Not too large, not too small. And with a lot of Sightseeings and a lot of Nature around.

Author — Iron Doc


I've been to Germany, at the beginning and end of the 1980's. I wasn't really interested in sites to do with WW2, as there's so much else to see and do there.

Author — Aquarius1011


Hi Rick

Let me tell you frankly all your travel videos are amazing, lnformative and a fu d of knowledge.

Author — Rk Krishnan


Thank you Rick for your great videos including this one. More please.

Author — nedvie2007


I actually learned something (I used to live in Frankfurt...) however, you failed to mention the durg addicts in and around Frankfurt main station.

Author — Over21


Frankfurt/Main is our „ Banksters Nest“. Ha, ha. Well, lets hope that they all will return to prudent banking. I lived and worked there for six years as a central banker.

Author — Thomas Huth