EVERYTHING You Need To Start Streaming on Twitch & Making YouTube Videos

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EVERYTHING You Need To Start Streaming on Twitch & Making YouTube Videos 5

In this video I tell you guys everything you need when it comes to internet speed, equipment, and programs to start streaming on your own Twitch and YouTube gaming channels if you're new or on a budget! (XB1/PS4/Nintendo Switch).

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Play this video on 2x speed thank me later❗️✅

Author — Hallwood on The Beatz


Him: "Could be another tutorial could be something that made me cry idk"
Me: who hurt you

Author — Rhoman Albanese


With Twitch streaming, i’m gonna get one monitor and look at chat with my Ipad lol

Author — Nintore


Great content. U seem super real and committed and just like a good dude lol. I'm bout to graduate high school and I plan to buy all the equipment for myself to show my mom how serious I am. Thanks for the content! It is about to be 2020 so if you have better recommendations for equipment in 2020, lmk! good luck my dude

Author — Corey Henderson


My elgato never works and I can’t ever figure it out

Author — Vape Farm


Can you make a video on actually incorporating all of the components that you’ve mentioned in this video and successfully streaming with said components?

Author — J. Failure


Hahaha the end of the video, sounds like you’re about to get raided 😂😂 nice vid by the way. Thanks for the tips

Author — Rakoon Gaming


Thank you ❤️ this helps me can I ask where you buy all this amazon?

Author — Niicely


Nick you reckon I can stream with a headset mic? And still have good mic audio

Author — Staf Wittebolle


My upload speed is 11.2 do you think I can start streaming

Author — Brent Rover74


u should check out pixlr it like photoshop but free KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Author — slays


Appreciate it buddy really helpful!! Bless

Author — Goldy Boi


Put the playback speed on 1.25x, thank me later. At 4:05 is when the video starts.

Author — Nature Angel


what type of internet speed do i need, i have around 28 download 26 upload. Is that good enough?

Author — Halldor Runar


Great video! Thanks for taking the time to put this out

Author — Jason Ramirez


Bruh, who the hell uses windows filmmaker, I use Adobe premier pro.

Author — ULTWide


So what's the approximate damage that will be done exactly? Dragons don't have wallets so. What's the amount total?

Author — Xalvandor's Nest


I know how you feel with family members yelling in the middle of a video

Author — Duckyz


I recommend keep the volume on 20 to Dolby digital 7.1

Author — Izehumah Eyiba


Personally i would avoid the elgato its really painful to use and takes over your windows sound settings witch makes it very frustrating

Author — robo yobbo