Eurovision Song-Along (Official) - Iconic Contestants Join The Party

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Eurovision Song-Along (Official) - Iconic Contestants Join The Party 5

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga includes an ICONIC party scene featuring classic Eurovision contestants in a song-along, including Conchita Wurst, Netta, Loreen and many more. Watch and listen to it in full as the icons cover Madonna, Cher, Abba, Celine Dion, and The Black Eyed Peas with some seamless transitions.

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Eurovision Song Along - Iconic Contestants Join The Party

Two small-town singers chase their pop star dreams at a global music competition, where high stakes, scheming rivals and onstage mishaps test their bond.

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imagine if they got Celine Dion and ABBA

Author — Lukas DiSparrow


This is basically Avengers Endgame, but it's Eurovision

Author — iScarlett


Probably the best part in the movie, oh and the Americans getting yelled at.

Author — opzz xsin


This is honestly one of the greatest things I have ever seen in a movie, from a musical perspective. Who knew Will Ferrell could make this happen?

Author — HankDennemann


The first movie where the russian wasnt the villain

Author — The King Of Youtube


This isn't just a tribute to Eurovision.
This is a tribute to _Europe itself._

Author — Peter Rebadomia


Americans: "It must be such an honour for Conchita and Loreen to be standing on either side of Rachel McAdams."
Me, a Eurovision fan: "It must be such an honour for Rachel McAdams to be standing in between Conchita and Loreen."

Author — chau ffeur


Producer: How cheesy do you want this to be?

Will Ferrell: Sharp Cheddar

Author — KrystalwithaY


I mean that's cool and all but I'd rather they sing Jaja Ding Dong

Author — Jaime Gonzales


💥💥💥💥ESC – European Song Contest 💥💥💥💥Contenants and Winner 💥💥💥💥
0:28 John Lundvik, Sweden, ESC 5th 2019 "Too Late for Love"
0:35 Anna Odobescu, Moldova, ESC 12th in the 2nd semi-final 2019 "Stay"
0:44 Bilal Hassani, France, ESC 16th 2019 "Roi"
0:59 Loreen, Sweden, ESC Winner 👑 2012 "Euphoria"
1:06 Jessy Matador, France, ESC 12th 2010 "Allez Ola Olé"
1:30 Alexander Rybak, Norway, ESC Winner 👑 2009 "Fairytale"
1:40 Jamala, Ukraine, ESC Winner 👑 2016 "1944"
2:30 Elina Nechayeva, Estonia, ESC 8th 2018 "La Forza"
2:34 Conchita Wurst, Austria, ESC Winner 👑 2014 "Rise Like a Phoenix"
2:53 Netta, Israel, 2018, ESC Winner 👑 2018 "Toy"
💥💥💥💥Link for every song💥💥💥💥

Author — E K


If you are a Loreen fan you know how rarely she makes appearances anywhere, I’m positively surprised she agreed to do this film.

Author — Freeyful


This movie is great. The "villain" turned out not to be the villain after all, and really just wanted to help Sigrit, and even the other girl who only needed to "distract" Lars ended up being genuinely interested in him. Everyone in this movie is super supportive, and even those who aren't at the started end up being by the end of the movie.

I also love the fact that during this song nobody has any problem with the "newbies" joining in and singing with the professionals. Everything is just so wholesome <3

Author — 0R0ry


It still blows my mind that of all the actors in this movie, they were like, "yeah, let's use Will Ferrel's real voice" and yet it totally works!

Author — theajshow


Can we talk about the fact how the Russian guy didn't turn out to be the villain just a very supportive ally?

Author — jonathan coelho


This movie was sooo freaking good!!! I did not expect this out of a Will Ferrell movie at all. I’m incredibly happy that I watched it.

Author — Joseph Keller


This movie is bassically the closest we'll ever get to Eurovision 2020.

(the actual 2020 Eurovision was canceld due to coronavirus)

Author — Pickleboy Studios


this is the best most uplifting movie ive seen in the a while. I mean dont get me wrong. I love a Walking Dead-esc distopian nightmare as much as the next persons. But Musicals like this have away of cutting right through the fog and crap of everyday life and reminding us that life isnt so bad. Which is a thing that we all need deperately right now. Thank you Eurovision for making the world a bit brighter

Author — SuperDoomNinja


Loreen walking down the steps "sing with me"... she could literally say anything... "rob a bank with me" and I would do it 😍😍

Author — Adam Cole


And where is Verka Serduchka? The most iconic of all them?

Author — pipi mumi


Best scene in the movie, just a bunch of talented people singing, the diversity is amazing as well.

Author — Wilson Arias