Myanmar Rohingya: Suu Kyi rejects genocide claims at UN court - BBC News

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Myanmar Rohingya: Suu Kyi rejects genocide claims at UN court - BBC News 4.5
Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi has defended her country against allegations of genocide at the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate responded to widespread claims that Myanmar (formerly Burma) committed atrocities against Muslim Rohingya.

In her opening remarks, she called the case against Myanmar "incomplete and incorrect".

She said troubles in Rakhine, where many Rohingya lived, go back centuries.

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Its a bit of a joke that she is the one on trial when everyone knows she doesnt control the military in Myanmar at all.

Author — Thom Youtube


I can't believe people fall for whatever this western media portrays. Please educate yourself with its history and facts first before you commenting here.

Author — Ohheyitsmyaa


The GAMBIA of all places stands up for humanity! Where's THE UN NATO EU USA???

Author — Hercules Matrix


The BBC should not also forget that this problem was deeply rooted in their colonization to Myanmar, , , , Now you try to blame the best leader we ever have in Myanmar to have not yet solved this problem, , , Shame on your BBC

Author — LwinLwin


The UK should instead be prosecuted for mass killings, loooting, genocide and war crimes in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and supporting and arming Al Qaida in Syria. What a joke. There is plenty of places for immigrants in London

Author — Sher


Ancient era, human learnt how to hunt an animal
In modern era, we know how to hunt human, how to hate/ kill one another just bcz of skin tone, height, hair, complexion, believes,
Today's world everywhere injustice, corruption
Everyone supports those, who is powerful/ beneficial for them
It's an open secret that, Myanmar killed millions of innocent Rohingya people&forced them to leave their home in their motherland

Author — Md Al-Amin bhuiyan Al-Amin


The UN has zero credibility when BUSH & BLAIR are not in court facing warcrime charges <<< CENSOR THAT

Author — Sheeple are Lame


“Mistakes may have been made”

Innocent civilians have been and continue to be killed, raped, displaced, and persecuted, you evil soulless ghoul.

Author — Queen Bee


That Repoter really Great Bravo Madame ;)

Author — Umm AbdulRahmaan


U2 wrote the song 'Walk On' about
Suu Kyi.
I guess it has all gone belly up?
I love these doo-gooders and their pets projects which end up crashing and burning.

Author — Stupid Humanity Deserves To Die


May Allah bless Aung San Suu Kyi, don't believe everything you see in the internet. I lived in Rakhine for 5 years, and the armed forces ARSA bombed a burmese piloce station. Rohingyas cross the poorly built border by foot and enter Myanmar. Alot of hindu temples have been bombed by ARSA. There are alot of muslims living in rakhine state but they aren't Rohingyas

Author — Nimar Nepal


Maybe she’s right. Religion of peace ✌️ brings peace to everywhere, as you can see...

Author — Kalai Selvan


RIP David The man who was 100% right about the human induced climate change tax grab hoax, and that was treat appealing by the media, including the BBC. Shame on you.

Author — Mr Pickles


I m myanmar people

She was lie on icj about genocide
If u want to know about that
Ask to rohingya

Author — Htet Nay Lin


Either you die a hero... Or live just long enough to see yourself become the villain...

Author — Mahdi Hussain



Author — Kheeron Single


I can not get my head around this situation and my hope is this is a subterfuge.

Author — E. Smith


Bama, Burmese or Myanmar terms are the same which belong to Bama ethnic group.
The history has shown that before British empire and after the British left the burmese or bama ethnic group was fighting along with others different ethics groups in this country in many decades.
The country had never been united. The ethics people have totally different rich languages, culture, traditional costume angry the heritage ot mother land.
During the British ruling there were no fighting between Burmese group and other ethnic groups in the country. But after British left then the civil war started between Burmese group and other ethnic groups.
Nowadays, in 60, 70 years of war. Most ethics people had incredible experiences of how the burmese military regime was not abusing, torturing, war crimes, raped ethnic women who living in their native lands in many decades. This humanity crimes had has been happening as volcano burning, has been treating by burmese military regime, Burmese group in 70years. However the international community never knew or aware of how non burmese ethics groups has been suffering the pain fullness by burmese military regime using the strategy of mentally, socially, physiologically of violence, torturing, killing, arrested, limiting cultural, religious, languages, movement, business, educational, social issues these all conditions control by the burmese group until the current situation of 2019. The burmese government have the long-term strategy of how to rid of the ethnic people in the country. Also the ethics people are not really understand how the definition of genocide, war against the crime, international law, human rights, ethnic rights, rape case and ethnic cleansing. I am sure that a lot of ethics groups who living in war zones have to face unbelievable trauma, physiology effect which is long-term pain fullness, bed memories, negative thoughts by violence, brutal abusing in their home land. As the same time the refugee numbers has been increasing until now the latest conditions of Rohinga issue.
Hoping the best of the future progress in this country. If these hypotheses or mind set are not changing. Then We can't change, creating better life, future sustainability in this country. Sincere

Author — BurmeseKaren TeeNo


When a massive number of indiviuals of one culture is "cleared, " there is no excuse.
When GENOCIDE APPEARS INTENT IS UNCHECKED ACTIONS. Leaders and law enforcement are culpable.

Author — B. Lipkowitz


JIMMY SAVILLE protected by BBC for years. Shame on you

Author — npc 432