Rens goes fast on speed (Amphetamine) | Drugslab

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Rens goes fast on speed (Amphetamine) | Drugslab 5
This episode Rens Polman snorts speed (amphetamine). This is a chemical powder with a stimulating effect. Rens gets really energetic and feels great.. until he bends over the sink.

- You can use speed in different ways; snorting (the effect will be shorter, but stronger), spray (you feel the effect right away, not recommended), rectal and oral (longer effect).
- Solvents can be harmful and risky.
- To reduce the risk, you must dry the speed.
- The effects can be felt up till 8 hours.
- 12 hours after using speed, you may still feel some effects.
- Don’t take any more speed after your first dose. This will only increase the length of the trip.
- Don’t combine speed with other drugs and/or alcohol.

- The strength of amphetamine varies, which makes it hard to dose.
- Depending on your experience, the way of using it and the strength of the speed, 5 to 40 milligrams is a usual dose.

- Overheating (hypothermia). Make sure to rest enough in a cooler area and drink up to 2 glasses of water in one hour;
- Increased risk of heart problems;
- Brain damage;
- Addiction;
- Physical problems;
- Hangover.


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need something?) I recommend "prizma shop" on stlthbaycm3ip4xg(.)onion (need torBrowser)

Author — Артем Илья


Never play arm wrestling like that, you could break Rens arm.

Author — محمدعلی جعفری


Having him exercice with a rope was not a good idea at all. His heartrate went to the roof while it was already quite high to begin with. He so went from 160 to 190. Even a person in a good physical condition may have a heart attack at that heart rate.

Author — Ruben75today


Can you guys smoke MacDonalds happy meal toys?

Author — D e a de x


Next time put some techno set and you will enjoy it way more for sure

Author — xiko80


the look on his face when he's asked if he's hungry... you don't need words for that one. that expression is PERFECT for it.

Author — Jakob Dodd


almost everybody has really light blue eyes in this show

Author — Nikita van Twisk


Try's used as a skin moisturizer in Russia

Author — cibriosis


Amphetamine helps with asthma
Me: dirty astmatic thoughts

Author — SI TEAM


Currently watching this at 4am while unable to sleep from adderall haha.

Author — Christian Garcia


Does it bother anyone else that they never gum the power left over.

Author — Jim Bob


Who else was doing speed while watching this

Author — Chuck shulder


6:33 you see this guy approaching you in dark alley...what do you do?
But all jokes aside Rens really looks like a great guy to party when he's on drugs lol

Author — Benjamin Pavel


I've did speed and weed at the same, i was laying but dancing, i fel asleep and my hands were moving, most trippiest thing I've ever did😅

Author — ligmaballz Iceuk dick


I love how I can understand them because I speak Afrikaans 😂

Author — Tshego Motshwane


Watching this on 1, 75 speed. Yes speed legitimately makes you fast 😂

Author — Bastian Kra


First time I tried a little amp a couple years ago sparked my love for stimulants, and lowkey, I've been chasing that high with legal, safer, and/or cheaper alternatives. Amphetamine makes you feel like you're the best version of yourself, there's nothing wrong and you can do anything and everything, everything feels so right. Especially for me with lifelong social anxiety and dysthymia, I wish I could perpetually be in that state where I'm completely self assured and confident. Luckily, I've somehow since managed to stay away from adderall and amp since that one try, I know I'll become dependent before I know it. Over time I've come to see the value in myself and appreciate myself no matter if others do or don't, I have slowly gained enough self respect and discipline to avoid abusing drugs that I know I'll end up the loser in the relationship with them. I still continue to crave it often and think to myself I'll just try it a couple times, enjoy that feeling, and stop for a while at least, but it never actually goes like that with me, it ends up more like telling myself fuck it on near daily basis.

Amphetamine has an incredible effect and can break anybody, it can grab hold of you and eventually you'll find a way to escape, but by then you're nearly out of any fight left and worn down, only a fool can choose to remain ignorant to that. Some, though, are strong, healthy, adjusted enough to be able to not abuse it and other drugs, to be the one in control, and they're the lucky few.

Do what you want with this little bit of information and with your life of course, but personally and for most, amphetamines and other people's drug of choice have an intimate love-hate relationship.

Author — danermanerkider


Love this channel, would love to see more of the come up stage as each drug hits them :)

Author — Tha Glow


Do krokodil next

Just kidding hahaha 😁😂

Author — Rich Chad


I was kindof worried about his pulse. 180-190 isn't good.

Author — Albert Escamilla