Strange Blast Beat Technique Explained!

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

In this video I explain my "strange" blast beat technique. Enjoy!
If you want to know more about my foot technique watch this:

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Currently I use Vic Firth American Classic Metal N Sticks. Audio was recorded with a caraoke microphone placed in front of the drumset. I learned this technique as well as my foot technique from the moldavian drummer Peza Boutnari.
If there are any questions feel free to leave a comment!

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A big thank you to all my YouTube viewers, subscribers, facebook likers and twitter followers! A couple of days ago my facebook page reached 1000 likes and my YouTube channel got 10 000 subscribers! For this special occasion I made a video about my personal history as a drummer featuring previously unreleased video material from my pre-YouTube era amongst many more things.

Author — Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger


not everyone can appreciate the finesse involved with this style of drumming. their loss. great job nechtan, you manage to keep things simple and humble, yet your ability is clearly outstanding.

Author — America Fuckyea


Dude this is by far the best totorial on youtube.

Thank you so much I'm actually getting better with practice!

Author — lord_skavenger


I tried this for the first time tonight. Doing pretty good with it for an old guy.
Thanks for your time and effort. You keep posting tutorials, I'll keep watching.

Author — Butch Cassidy


This is excellent! Finally, a hybrid push-pull technique (by adding the wrists for power) that works for death metal. Thumbs up!

Author — sccrash420


When you want to learn a fill for a Led Zeppelin song and end up having to learn blast beats. Dammit Bonham...

Author — Paweł Morrison


Your skills are amazing man. I've honestly never seen anything like it. I'm inspired, thanks for this vids they are helping through a really hard time in my life.🤘

Author — tito Balkani


Man this is the sickest blast beat I've ever listened to, nice!

Author — Zentabes


I've seen many vids concerning blast beat technique over the year and finally found yours. Great, straight forward instruction, without being condescending. My band will be very happy. Thank you!

Author — ikarooz


This is some absolutely awesome information that you're sharing with us right here! I can't thank you enough, I must try this out. I consider by blasts to be pretty strong as they are right now but I can definitely see the potential in this and the same goes for your amazing foot technique. I've been using the John Longstreth double stroke style for a while and have gotten in to a pretty solid level at high speeds but there are problems with that technique. Mainly power and having to rely on a tight pedal aswell as on a tight bass drum skin which really destroys the natural bass drum sound if you wouldn't trigger it. With your technique, it seems like you're able to get much more power out of it without being as physically demanding as some other techniques I guess, at the same time as you don't seem to have to rely on a tight skin. I will definitely try these things out and work on them from here on. Btw when is the next video about the fills coming out? :) 

Author — Mustis1524


Thank you for this. This is totally awesome. The fills that you can do with this sound amazing.

Author — PastaOverseer


Very nice work! I'll put on practice what you have taught! thanks a lot!

Author — Alvaro Pedreros


Muchas gracias por la valiosa ayuda e, información !, Hermano musical. .🇨🇱✌️

Author — Claudio García


Crazy technique!!! You make it look so easy I want to learn, I'm too used to blasting traditionally though, but this would make me faster if I get the hang of it.

Author — Blunt


you're talking like a Sensei. 

This is an awesome technique. You're awesome

Author — TheNdrumming


One of the best instructional videos I've ever seen. Thank you Morgan.

Author — Le Diabolique


Not even a drummer but still found this interesting and informative

Author — First ∆ Gemini


Great video, ive been playing for 10+ years and this helped me. :)

Author — Dual


Very interesting, this technique may have a lack of power imo but it's definitly interesting in view to add this way of blast beat to others, it seems very thrifty in energy and it's also pleasant to watch =) good job!

Author — AVF


Thank you for sharing this incredible technique with us.  Cheers!

Author — Peter Hughes