Free Energy Generator Magnet 100% Real New Technology New Idea Project

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Free Energy Generator Magnet 100% Real New Technology New Idea Project 4.5

Free Energy Generator Magnet 100% Real New Technology New Idea Project

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Kkkk se esse sistema fosse verdadeiro nao precisávamos gastar bilhões com usinas hidrelétricas e etc.

Author — Raimundo fernandes de macedo


Sin variación no hay inducción, sin inducción no hay excitación de campo sin excitación de campo no se puede generar corriente, porque no vas a engañar a otro.

Author — Raul Buchin


If u are very much interested in production of electrical energy, I suggest u to make a bigger dam near your house... Lol

Author — Black Dog


Que perca de tempo
Deveria ser um vídeo de artes.

Author — Fabricio Zuchi


This is no free energy. All you did here is a split transformer. This is the secondary coil and the primary is under the table, and this is also the reason why you don't lift up the thing. Clever, but not quite.

Author — Alex S.


Below table there's a variable magnetic field.

Author — André Machado


It looks like iron Man arc reactor
Ultimate source of energy.

Author — Ajay Kumar


Yo lo hice y lo conecte a la red, y ahora todos los vecinos de la cuadra tienen luz !! Increíble!!

Author — angelo volpe


without rotation how it produces electricity

Author — shree mata enterprises


لا أظن أن هده الطريقة حقيقية هي مجرد خدعة

Author — حسن الى الاحسن Tirefort


Soy ingeniero electrónico . Y eso no tiene formación . (A )no' es igual a (B) 01010101.energía

Author — Ángel nick Ángel


fake stop makin us fool we also know science conservation of energy remember guys dont belive and dis like

Author — MITEX gaming


totalmente falso la energia es producida por medio de la induccion es decir debajo del manto azul estan induciendo energia con un campo magnetico

Author — daniel diaz ravelo


Thank you very much for your idea my small City now has free energy we got a big big big magnet that's all we needed it thank you

Author — kobe mob


In this type of electricity production there should be motion ..
Here there isn't. .means fake * fake

Author — جمعه عوض الرفادي


Would I buy that big magnet on Shopee... Hahaha. Great ideas nice work and excellent video.

Author — Matthew David


Parabéns!!! Grande experiência!! Energia infinita. Abraço!!!

Author — Juvaldino Nascimento

Author lo pones como estrella en tu arbolito de navidad....jaju

Author — Manuel Alvarez


Since the majority of comments have been largely negative, I will also add one of my own as I express my full agreement that this is a fake demonstration.

However, I will also point out the one fact that I didn't see anyone make any sort of comment on unless I missed it in my reading of the comments & that is the fact that smart phones are like all PC's.

Magnets should never be brought into contact with a smart phone or it will start to seriously glitch.

Its like oil & water. Magnets & cell phones don't work well together so obviously, the magnet ring in this video isn't real!

IF it truly had been real, the smart phone would have severely malfunctioned when you stop to consider that the demonstrator in this video actually set the cell phone right on top of the ring magnet.

Author — Sharri Rolfe


И как такие -умные- еще платят за электроэнергию и отопление 🙈

Author — Сергей 32rus