The Black Plague in 5 Minutes - Hasty History

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The Black Plague in 5 Minutes - Hasty History 4.5

Despite all my haste, I'm still just a rat on a boat in the Crimean Peninsula.

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It was one third of the population :) but really helped for my test tmrw

Author — R o s e


Who else sees the resemblance with COVID?

Author — Ron C


So much slang, talk like a normal person. I can't take you seriously, thanks for nothing.

Author — StormyWeather


I'm in middle school listening to marlyin Manson and sad because I wa dumped

Author — david s


It was crazy awesome for the peasants those who survived it anyway

Author — Juno Alaska


peasants were thriving!!! sis was living her best life!!!

Author — Grace M.


Very helpful for my tomorrow's test, thanks!!!

Author — lay lover


You’re gonna offend the French if you say Napoleon was a bad character. Lol

Author — Matthew Diaz


Great analogy between the pessimistic artists in the 13 century and the angsty teens in 2003

Author — Mark Sam


Thanos' kill 50 % rule worked out g ood.

Author — B S


Well done ... and I've never seen a white dress shirt w/o a pocket - what gives?

Author — Will Go


So, I've watched a few videos on the black plague and other plagues. What is interesting to me is that not one of them mentions how humanity managed to survive. How did they get past it? I think the simple answer is the following. The more people that were infected and survived, they built up a natural immunity to it. That is the only logical answer that makes sense. So, maybe we shouldn't be hiding from it. Yes, protect the vulnerable, such as the care homes and the infirm. However, let the rest of the world get on with it. Yes, there will be deaths. There will be deaths regardless. Nature needs to run its course.



Be scared of bill Gates and George Soros and Asia, snuff said, , and democraps liberals

Author — jim tom


Do the mice and rats get the Black Plague ??

Author — Bill


So how comes the black death did not come back as sever as the first time around?becuz they did not find thecure until much much later???can u plz explain?

Author — shadi pahlavi


Hygiene was not the problem; SANITATION was.
Their garbage and sewers were basically the the streets.
This is because during the Medieval period, the emphasis went from mass-production to mass RE-product ion, and so individual well-being was secondary to QUOTA.
So while it killed millions over seven years, that was DWARFED by the number of new births.

Author — Ralph Goodman