Xiaomi YI vs SJ4000 Which camera is better? Side by side comarison

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Xiaomi YI vs SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi Which one is better?
In this video I compared cameras from various aspects. Video, Photo, Audio test. Accessories comparison, usability, etc.
This Xiaomi YI vs SJ4000 video is based on my personal experience of using both cameras for 3+ months. So I assure you I am not a paid YouTuber who promotes crap. I want to share my own honest view on both cameras.

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For any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment either in the video or on website. I will do my best to reply to each and everyone as soon as I possibly can.

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Great work Pevly! nice review and combined with the blogs infos I think that it is one of the best reviews of that cameras I've seen on the net!

Author — Techreview


Thanks for the detailed comparison ! I think viewers are now well informed as to which is better for their personal requirements !!

Author — juandenz2008


This is very helpful! Thanks. By the way, what software did u use to enhance the sj4000 audio?

Author — singing4hope


Thank you for such a nice and detailed review and comparison.

Author — Abu Tayiba RC Videos


great detailed video and thank you for hard work and effort.

Author — elvisfind


Great video! Thank you. For me it's a plus that the Yi as no screen. They break so easily if you mount them on a multirotor and crash :)

Author — Tronnic


Can I use it for recordin' videos for my educational YouTube channel ? I mean, I need a camera which could record good 1080p videos at 30fps at a fixed distance in 10K range ?

Author — Billy - da Country Folk


The videos from SJcam are much sharper and more detailed than the YI, YI seems more saturated. Audio is much better with the YI.

Author — Wildhog32


Because I will be in some wet situations where using a phone to see what I have in shot and if I like the settings I have adjusted for a particular environment would NOT be possible, SJ4000 won for me by having a screen. There isn't a lot to it though for low-light the YI does seem to beat it (and the YI has truer-to-life colours in video comparisons than the SJ4000). So I just ordered one, but I might get the YI later on, if I want to use it for my cave-diving expeditions.

Author — Mbaku The Maine Coon


Xiaomi's color is more natural..my selection.

Author — Chaofan Wen


Really good review. I decided to order a Yi Cam, Chinese edition, but I am a little worried that it will not work with the English (international) app... do you know if it will be a problem?

Author — Glen Edwards


best reviews of these cameras💯, nice blog :) it useful, thax👌🏼

Author — Moayyad Atshan


Excellent video, thanks for the comparison.

Author — ilyPenn23


How is the video stabilization on Yi and does it come with set for bycicle?

Author — Kristijan Mandusic


Great video. The best review ever. Tyvm

Author — Hi There


very very excellent review... thanks
I choose sj4000 for me since I only use a cam maybe 3 or 4 times a year on my vacation on beach. I need the lcd to view the modes and edit, really convenience. Sj cam beats xi in pictures though, but not on videos.

Author — Master Joey


Great comparison. well done and thanks.

Author — Kingfisherk26


Well .. i was already looking at prices for the sj4000 but now he Xiaomi Yi`s colors look more realistic and the video is more stable (better video stabilization ) And the sound seemed better ...
i would love to have a screen but i have my phone on me at all times and the 6" 4k screen on my phone always wins against pretty much any tiny screen so ...
Xiaomi Yi wins it for me

Author — Archangel BG


What video editing software do you use? Mine always destroys the quality of my footage.

Author — Ross


audio clarity wise, which camera would you recommend, was thinking of recording instrumental videos just for self progress check :D

Author — jeffrey chong