Let's Play Invisible Inc. (RELEASE) - Episode 2 - Getting Carded

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Let's Play Invisible Inc. shall we? Invisible Inc. is a tactical stealth game created by Klei Entertainment. In Invisible Inc. players control a team of highly skilled operatives attempting to reclaim past glories.


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You do the wittiest and most entertaining let's plays. Even if I don't play the games I can just listen to you riff on all sorts of subjects random and tangential.

Author — J P Lowe


12:55 that music is a remixed version of the song Stange New Powers from the game Don't Starve. Great game, btw.

Author — DramakilzU


Have you ever thought about a face cam? I know it's pretty mainstream, but I feel that when you speak, I want to see you speak and it does not sound too much like rambling. Hope you consider!

Author — Fidgey


Like most others so far I really like this game ^^ ...

Author — Harmor 666


This game would be so hilarious if the grey haired lady would be replaced by Malory Archer

Author — KungFuChef


You can use your second neural disruptor now. (Equipping works by clicking on the item in the character's inventory.)

Author — Hirte deutscher Schäfchen


infosec = information security, a.k.a technician dudes that can reboot electornics and carry a pistol.

Author — JOeOG


I have a question...Do you get to keep augments, levels and weapons when you lose? Or you have to get everything again on a restart?

Author — †Deicide†


This game is like a stealth version of X-com.

Author — Guru


5:15 oh my gosh he sounds like a legit female singer FLYING IN MY SPACESHIP NOW

Author — jomaxel


@Splatercat infosec is information security. Its on a rating of 1 - 5 in most scenarios. Lvl 5 being the weakest practices ussualy only a password, 1 being biometric scanner, two persons integrity, etc

Author — Maitre Azul


That's why leveling up Anarchy to level 2 is a good idea. Less mess that way when looking for a Sec Card.

Author — Lothias Kane


Splat will you play the new deus ex game ?

Author — Andrew Jeans


This is p much the only gaming channel I watch because a) his voice doesn't piss me the fuck off and b) I 100% relate to loving stealth games but being absolute shit at them. also indie games are life. the hours I've clocked on this channel, istg...

Author — very old account


Why are americans so selfish that they have to mutilate the world map so they appear in the middle?

Author — kangaxx


this isnt battle brothers....tf splatt

Author — Jeremy G


The things said on Decker's outfit could be said about most Shadowrunners as well.

And now I really wanna see a Shadowrun Game that uses a modified Invisible Inc Format. Like if Shadowrun Returns and Invisible Inc had a love child. EDIT: Deus Ex could also create an interesting game with this type of system.

Author — JTMC93


Splattercat Please make more H1Z1 videos. The game has gotten better :D

Author — Brittle


12:45 do i hear dont starve music being remixed?

Author — xtxownage