How GOOD Was Manu Ginobili Actually?

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Manu Ginobili recently retired, so in this video we're gonna take a look at his entire career and try to evaluate how good he actually was. Hope you enjoy!

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"How good was Manu actually?"

The biggest draft steal ever and the best 6th man ever. That's how good he was when put it simply.

Author — Zamppa86


Argentina, thank you. Your son gave me some of my greatest jaw dropping moments as a sports fan. I can't tell you how many countless times I questioned myself, "did I really just see him do that?" He was amazing on the court and by all accounts an even better human being. Mark it down as Manu getting in as a 1st ballot HOF'er.

Author — Lorrie Longoria


We the argentinians are so proud of having a guy like him, for many of us, our best sportsman ever.

Author — Martin Suarez


Stats don't always tell you the whole story, there will never be another like Manu, legend.

Author — Vejs Cvetkovski


As a Spurs fan since 2005, I just know:
Whenever the game is going down to the wire, the camera will always follow on Manu. Even this guy is already 41 years old. This means a lot. Years later, when you memory some exciting games about Spurs, most of the pictures in your mind are about Manu.
If you don't watch his game, you won't know how great he is, a real superhero hidden behind the data. This guy has a strange trait, when you look at his game, you always fell that this guy must already 20+10+5+5, but when you look at his data, WTF?
There is a popular saying said that Tim alone ensured the Spurs is a playoff team, while plus Manu ensured the Spurs is a champion team. There is also another popular saying said the Spurs plays in two styles, the Pop's way, and the Manu's way. I don't know if there is another player got such evaluation. For me, he is a unique legend and the GOAT for the NBA sixth man.

Author — 光之炼金术博士


He was one of the best improvisational players I've ever seen. He could see holes in the defense, and react to them instantaneously and find a way to still score no matter how the defense would clamp down on him when he penetrated. Creativity combined with incredibly fast thinking. That's Manu Ginobili. He was exciting to watch and will be missed.

Author — Davivd2


You missed one particular aspect about Manu's game, that also made him great. He was always great when the match got hard, when the ball burned in the hands of players. He drew the pressure, he grew bigger as the match grew on its difficulty.

Author — Nicolás Alfonso Florio


definitely one of the better players of all time, and super underrated.

Author — Bryan Casella


Manu to me was an interesting player. He was a guy who spent time in Europe, so you would think that he'd be known for three point shooting and a solid passer, but his style was like a streetballer that just did such a good job of improvising...yet was enough of a team player that he didn't rely on street ball all the time. A Hall of Famer, but a paradox in describing his playing style.

Author — Jacob R Klein


I'll never forget that dunk over bosh in the 2014 finals. Turning back the clock!

Author — Robert Goodnight


Manu was so good even in his older years.

Author — Movement Man


If you've ever watched videos of the playoffs when Manu was in his prime, you know how good he is...and even late in his career when he'd lost a step he may not have been putting up the numbers he once did but he was still more valuable and contributed more to winning than a jamal crawford or lou williams

Author — Max Hart


This guy was great. I loved watching him play. He was so talented and fearless

Author — Vernon Lee Warren


I got to see Manu play over 50 times because I live in the area. He was my favorite player I got to see him play his rookie year to his last season, the whole city fell in love with him. He loved SA and POP and he wore and played with his heart on his sleeve. What a legend.

Author — Killingtime05


He CHOSE to come from the bench that's why my perspective changes about him. He is a great player.

Author — Numa 2K


Don't forget, He made the euro step popular in the NBA

Author — Resterag


A shame he didn't win more 6MOY (while contemporary folks like Jamal Crawford and Lou Williams have multiples), and yes he should have won that 2005 FMVP...

I also believe that he was one of the more accomplished Euroleague players ever, too, accolades wise...

Another great video 😃

Author — Malik Ismail Ali Raymond


He was a franchise player in disguise. He won at every level, in Europe, World Championship, Olympics and with the Spurs. He was a basketball genius and I am not using that word lightly. His motor skills and creativity added novel ways of scoring to the game. He played passes no one else saw and tried before. He had limitless self confidence and had this fearlessness that came with his high destiny gut. It shows in his titles not necessarily in his numbers. He was completely unique in a way few players are.

Author — omnivorous65


I remember an interview from a certain player when asked who he thought was harder to guard: Kobe or Ginobili. To put it in perspective, Kobe was hard to guard because he always put up tough shots even on the greatest of defense. But Ginobili brought up unpredictable play styles which also made him difficult to guard every night. That is why Manu will also be a respectable SG in the history of the NBA.

Author — Clyde Cledera


He is my favorite player of all time, over MJ and any other greats. It's not only about numbers and impact, it's also about the attitude and sacrifice to win games. Thank you Andy for making this video

Author — Nemesio Betaizar