4K Video Relaxing Ultra HD TV Test 2160p 20 minutes

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4K Video Relaxing Ultra HD TV Test 2160p 20 minutes 4.5

Idea for Demo playing in Television Shop with 4K 2160p highest Resolutions quality video test 20 minutes with nature sounds. Best for selling TV. Another way for relaxing with 4K TV video super HD Visit:

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Opens 4K video.

Changes the resolution to 144p

Author — BDTech ツ


ok, now i know the only problem is in my internet connection speed

Author — Fikri Fajarullah


best buy has a sale right now on 4k monitors for pcs. just picked mine up. 28", $350. welll worth it.

Author — TelecomTitan


Yay! I now have new LG 4K monitor and it worked so well!! Very sharp and much details.

Author — Timothy Stark


i actually used this to test out how good my hp laptop is with intel core i3 processor and hd graphics xD but ty nice vid



Used to test the quality of my new laptop screen, just amazing, thank you

Author — Helen Olivas Music


I just boigh myself a new 4k monitor, holy smokes!

Author — Colonel Pedro


Oh my God this is not nice this is mind blowing and beautiful. Well done !!

Author — Sights and Sounds of Pakistan


In my hisense 55' looks amaizing...thnx

Author — Rami Odeh


Probably it took ages to upload this video due its quality and the length...

Author — DinPlayz RBLX


so beautiful mind blown, decided to use this video to test out my new internet! buffered so fast on 4K

Author — Flame Returns


Highest level of photographie ! Greatest imagination ! Never seen such a density of marvel. Pure jewel of emotion. Just exceptional ! ! ! ! !

Author — oli tip


Amazing scenes, amazing video, thank you very much!) Recently I started to create 4k video as well, now I can not imagine how one can make video with less quality :-)

Author — Sights of Universe - EXPLORING THE EARTH


My laptop can handles 2K at max, Good for an old i3 Sandy Bridge HP :P

Author — KuroTheFoxyGamer


I think my eyes came a couple of times while watching this.

Author — Patrick B


This is beautiful. More uploadings, please.

Author — Look_around


Are we on the golden age of display?? 😂

Author — gondokist


I just got my new Yoga with a 4k resolution screen and this is absolutely amazing!!!

Author — AGMRome1XZ


Didn’t know my TV could display colors like these until I watched this video lol

Author — Anton Sjöstrand


I’m watching this on my phone to make sure that if your device is full HD you can only watch videos on 1080p but my friend has a tv and he isn’t sure if it’s 4K or no so is it true that depending on your device’s quality the videos quality might change?

Author — LILTitan 007