4K Video Relaxing Ultra HD TV Test 2160p 20 minutes

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4K Video Relaxing Ultra HD TV Test 2160p 20 minutes 4.5
Idea for Demo playing in Television Shop with 4K 2160p highest Resolutions quality video test 20 minutes with nature sounds. Best for selling TV. Another way for relaxing with 4K TV video super HD Visit:

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Opens 4K video.

Changes the resolution to 144p

Author — BDTech ツ


Obrigado por me mostrar como Deus é perfeito.

Author — Pocrante


Oh my God this is not nice this is mind blowing and beautiful. Well done !!

Author — Sights and Sounds of Pakistan


great. I'm going to use this to display the quality of my TV's at the shop. Thanks a lot.

Author — mavier xartell


I put this on and my PC sounded like a chainsaw, so real..

Author — ItzMythOfficial


watched this because I just overclocked my graphics and I am so mindblown I reach 175 fps average

Author — SmSucks


Didn’t know my TV could display colors like these until I watched this video lol

Author — Anton Sjöstrand


Yay! I now have new LG 4K monitor and it worked so well!! Very sharp and much details.

Author — Timothy Stark


WOW i never expected my laptop to handle it also really good video <3

Author — itzpingu


I go To Chrome And i See 4k But When I Use YouTube App It Doesnt Show Smh

Author — Yung_God


Jeez, for what I would call a "Budget Laptop", it really impressed me! Great footage!

The laptop I am using is a HP Convertible x360 11-ab0XX

Author — Logan T


This is beautiful. More uploadings, please.

Author — Look_around


Highest level of photographie ! Greatest imagination ! Never seen such a density of marvel. Pure jewel of emotion. Just exceptional ! ! ! ! !

Author — oli tip


best buy has a sale right now on 4k monitors for pcs. just picked mine up. 28", $350. welll worth it.

Author — TelecomTitan


1:46 whats that animal i fell in love with it these 2

Author — Foxste Gamer


The way things are right now, it's nice to be reminded that there is still some beauty in the world.

Author — XxwhosrightxX


Watching on my s7 edge out standing result

Author — Muhammad Safat


Anyone know the piano song in the beginning?

Author — Anthony Tran


bought myself a new internet router and i can finally do 4k on my pc even tho me dont have 4k monitor

Author — AspireTechPH


this even looks good on my MacBook Air screen. really sharp

Author — raphtan