Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus REVIEW - Is It Any Good (2019)?!

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Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus REVIEW - Is It Any Good (2019)?! 4.5

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Don't use background music with lyrics .. use simple music.. it was little irritating n difficult to understand coz she is singing some thing and u explaining something

Author — Pinder4u


This comment was posted on 05/10/2019

I recently downloaded this cuz the features looked very promising for 2019, but to be sure that i get something good i wanted to see if there were any reviews on it.

I came across this and i gotta say; this video is very great and so is the software! This VideoEditorPlus 15 can even add webm files, something that Windows Movie Maker cannot do, which i tried.

PSA: For anyone who doesn't want to pay the $59.95 for the personal lifetime license, you can just install the trial version, uninstall it immediately after, and when you do, a popup should come out offering a 40% discount to try and bribe you into staying, which is nice.

Author — xSwiftx4


Good for new Youtubers and beginners!!👌🏻👌🏻

Author — Satya vachan


Ya ! New video
Man I needed a video editing this video is very helpfull.

Author — Shyla B


I have found the titles and stickers really cool, I also like how modern the titles feel. I've enjoyed the software and look forward to buying it in the future.

Author — Bytedesigning


Bro u r my inspiration for starting a YouTube channel☺️ btw love ur videos

Author — Akash Malhotra


Hey can you make a video on PC for editing and gaming under 60K or 50k please

Author — Qua deca


Makes a video for free cool widgets app. please !!?

Author — AR R3


Well, I have to say Your English and voice is too good.

Author — iHarinder


Hey make a new video on Android...
By the way the video is great

Author — arpan great


Can I add my videos from movavi to Facebook?

Author — Zalo Alvarez


Please do a comparison between this and hitfilm express!

Author — Technically Obsessed


Bro aap pic ayse blue blue effect pe edit kis app se karte ho¿

Author — ironHULK


can you speed up the videos on this software? Is this a trial version??

Author — Dee Rythmist


a video software in which you cant even select an region to export. NICE

Author — Auron Silverburgh VGM


Please why, when i finished editing my clips in Moviva, if try to Exprort the project the fill is always too Size, Common lest than 2min but 435MB, how comes?
I adjustment the settings in "Advanced" but still nothing change.

Author — Hausa9ja TV


a problem i have with it is that when i put a clip into the editor the quality it worse that it was... any help?

Author — CrawFilms


#ARSquad Is cyberlink Power director is powerfull like Premier pro??

Author — Shyla B


turn off the music, too distracting. turned you off. otherwise good.

Author — Scott Warner


Is the voice over available in free version. I found it is active.

Author — Noor Aknan