Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo - Part 19 - Hub Dyno! (+CTR Winner!)

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

Congratulations to Glenn A for being the Civic Type R Winner + $20K!

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This is SO AWESOME! Also, gotta love the energy from Quinn and Ricky. Congrats!!!

Author — filip000


Gosh dang! I literally have no words! This is insane, and I am now motivated to complete my Mk4 Supra! Thank you! Keep it up; I love the content!

Author — zman_bman


It's not just the cars that are fun - it's the crew. I feel like I know the crew personally, because I've been following for so many years. Congrats on your 1090HP!

Author — Mark Albiar


The smile factor of that 2step is just crazy! Great work guys, you deserve having fun with this build

Author — speed488


1100 hp crazy insane! Great Job y’all!

Author — Manuel Zumaya


I love these videos so much. keep up the good work guys!

Author — Charlie Elkins


20years ago, that RX7 on the lift won D1GP, wow how time has flew.

Author — Audience003


thank you guys for giving me something to look forward to everyday 🫶

Author — Alex vigue


Quinn and Ricky chemistry is so good n fun.Hats off for both of them to build this amazing supra. Waiting for track day episode

Author — rox madu


The result is insane!!! Big thumbs up for your great work 😉

Author — Auto Passion 27


Hello from 🇬🇧 . I just want to say thanks for your content. I was medically discharged from the military after breaking my back and you guys really helped me keep going while I was stuck in bed for 6 months straight recovering.

I tend to not be a fan of channels that centre around 'give away' or raffle/lottery cars. However, your channel is the exception. I think you get the balance of content vs business just right. Others I could name like RoadFast616 just bug the hell out of me. All his content centres around merch and 'give aways'. Then he wonders why he can’t seem to grow his channel. You guys are expanding your shop, building a test track, working on your cars so they actually perform and are not just show cars.

Could you ever run a competition or sweepstakes for your subscribers outside of 🇺🇸? Or is it just too much of a legal headache?

🔥 🔥 🔥

Author — Chris Mason


Amazing build. Cant wait to see what it does at the track. Should be 9s easily.

Author — Steven Falcon


Man I’m STOKED to see some more content on the Supra… that Baby is going to be a RIPPER!

Author — Alex TypeS


wonderful video. I'm from Slovakia and I'm also building a car, and you're my inspiration, even if it can't be compared, either in terms of the quality of work or the environment in which you work. The main thing is that in my starting YouTube channels with automotive themes, you are my inspirations and for that thank you 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Author — Mad Mechanic


Very professional work
Very professional team. Very good friendship between all guys there. They love what they are doing and we see that.

Author — chris dik


Congratulations Glenn enjoy the ride that’s awesome

Author — jonathan lizarraga


cant wait to see supra vs viper.. that will be insane 🔥🔥🔥.. great job guys

Author — Khaleed Shaidi


OMG when the 2 step was used, it's like everything became real for me! Growing up I had seen F&F dozens of times, knowing this car exists is one thing but knowing this may actually make passes is INCREDIBLE!!! CANT WAIT!

Author — Jeremy Weatherly


2 steps uffff this car is brutal 🙌🙌🙌🙌👑 you Guys making amazing projects congrats everyone

Author — mikail vilhena


Love the vids. Cant wait for the next video notification from you guys🔥

Author — Em Ville