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With nothing much to do last Friday, I drove up to the Glasshouse Mountains to climb Tibrogargan via the 'Caves Route'.

Tibrogargan (the mountain) is one of the more popular summits in the area and almost everyone ascends via the 'normal' summit track - a scamble-y ribbon of rock that runs directly up the western side of the mountain.

That's all well and good but for there's a more interesting, dramatic and steeper line on the impressive eastern face. This unmarked route cuts across the lower half of the near-vertical face and climbs through 2 caves before traversing across the upper face to a ridge on the North-eastern side of the mountain. From the ridge it's an easy hike up to the summit.

It's not overly difficult in the technical sense but for me it seems much more of a 'mountain experience' - it also helps to have a 'head for heights' as the exposure can get pretty extreme!

From the summit, I descended via the normal route, which is more direct and less exposed.

For a full description of the route, visit my blog:

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This is sick Ben! More content like this please.

Author — Ray Ang


Just watching that had my heart rate elevated. I would love to go up that way to see the caves but not sure I have the bottle to do it.

Author — Neil Pierce


Best video of a Mt Tibro hike I found, good on you mate!

Author — M-S


Bloody hell mate, that's awesome. I really wanna do this route but the drone shots don't give me confidence haha

Author — Scenic Rim Hikers


just guessing that the first time you did this, you were shown where to go, ? i had a quick look and two words struck me as very fitting for this endeavor FUCK THAT !!!! the tourist route gives me more than enough heart palpatations as is. can't believe how cas you are about it, excellent drone footage and thanks for making this

Author — Mitchell Foye


Nice work! It looks like you're wearing approach shoes, would you say that they are essential for the route, or would some grippy hiking shoes or trail runners do the job? Cheers

Author — plrooks


Awesome video, could you please tell me what drone you used? Thanks :)

Author — Daniela Eder


Good job man!! I did a few weeks ago with some mates. But i used a rope LoL.

Author — Spacegoat92


Who are you Alex Honnold? Crazy this like freesoloing to me great video

Author — Joel Kesur


Was thinking of doing this without ropes because the gear is expensive. Could this be done without gear?

Author — Space milk S


Hey dude, I'm not trying to be a sook or politically correct cause I love your content. One of my mates is search and rescue there when someone fell 250m off that front face in 2016 and his body literally exploded when he hit the ground within a 20m radius. There's been a couple of deaths since than so that poor shmuck comment was a little raw. I know there's no harm intended, just letting you know if you weren't already aware.

Author — Mat Patuaka