New Gospel Song {I Got Away) Johnny Tyrone Stringfield

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New Gospel Song {I Got Away) Johnny Tyrone Stringfield 5

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The devil thinks he has a strong hold on my life, but I have a stronger assurance that my God cannot leave me alone along my journey to his glorious kingdom.

Author — Edwin Smith


"i got away" God continue to keep and strengthen me.

Author — 251musiclover


I barley got away, But i did with God's help.

Author — William Swanigan


Well when i heard jesus talking to me this morning, and he said remember when you was in the hospital. And you only had a 30/70 chance of Life, and all i could think about is The Devil Thaught He Had Me, But I Got Away,

Author — Syvelle savoy-whitmer


I can't stop listening to this song...I got away, pick me up turn me around

Author — Taurean Whitfield


Yes! He thought he had me too! Hallelujah!!

Author — Jillian Silas


He's STILL a delivering Praying that God continues to KEEP you because you have the desire to be KEPT!!!

Author — penny williams


Amen! I got away! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!

Author — jukes243


thanks 4 a praying mother who never gave up on her child i got away...n 2 those prayer warriors who prayed 4 me when i was 2 weak 2 pray 4 myself...

Author — dee jone


wooo! i gotta put my golden shoes on! really enjoyed this ONE! Awesome job!

Author — Monica Valerio


I love down home gospel thanks for blessing me with the best of Gospel, I love down home music it brings the holy ghost out of my soul. God bless from Boston

Author — Lois Funches


With god I'm getting away. THANK YOU :D

Author — Deion Jenkins


god woke me up this morning and the dvail tried to take me

Author — lashonda Holt


I like this it got that old sound to it

Author — Mary Jones


I thought I was absolutely NOTHING....until I heard on God...I just gave up....until I heard Bless you and Your entire PRAYER....YES LORD!  I REPENT

Author — La Rea Richardson