Bldc motor high speed 6000rpm with sinewave controller 24v-96v

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Bldc motor high speed 6000rpm with sinewave controller 24v-96v
Complete kit plug and play motor power 2500watt can delivery continuous power at 2500watt peak power at double 5000watt if use 85vdc battery ,motor can go up max speed 5400-6000 rpm
Kit come with key sw,Fw&Rv sw,brake spring sw, hand throttle , RED signal led,Green signal LED . complete wiring harness
Controller come with aluminium heat plate with fan cool12V
Controller have 2 options as below(choose one of these)
2. sinewave controller 24-80V , continuous current 120A, peak 300A with aluminium plate+FAN cool 12v
3. Extra cost for foot Throlttle = 25 USD
By servovision dot com

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Nice video! Hey I want a 6kw motor of 1000 rpm how can I make it?

Author — Shubham Magar


Please send a link to see the price and description of this product.

Author — Mohit Sarkar


Do you have a website or where can we find these motors , look great

Author — Steve Clunn


How much is the current price of this product, where can I get it

Author — Gitsin gelen aratsada olur


How did u find identification angle of motor

Author — Shubham Shamra


Hi brother, I bought electric car from China, but the speeding very low40km/h, how can I increase the speeding to 90km/h, the motor power 60v/1500 watts, the controller 60v /1500 watts, How can I reach for more speed

Author — Auto Car Services اوتو كار سيرفيس