LA Dodgers vs. Houston Astros 2017 World Series Game 5 Highlights | MLB

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LA Dodgers vs. Houston Astros 2017 World Series Game 5 Highlights | MLB 4.5

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Props to both teams. What a incredible game. I'm not a fan of either team, but I appreciate great baseball. This was probably the best game I've seen in a while. Can't wait for Game 6!

Author — JustBombsProductions


One of the best games ever that I’ve watched and now I can’t look at this game again the same

Author — Muncy Über Alles


Who’s here after they got caught cheating ?

Author — FunnyPaul


As a dodgers fan, this train sound still gives me nightmares

Author — Michael Reyes


Who’s here to listen for the whistle or trash can bang?

Author — Daniel Cortes


I feel so bad for LA now that we know Houston cheated.

And LA played with so much heart too.

Author — David Gilde


This game was so dope man but I can’t look at this game the same no more

Author — Albert Floreano


I don't even like the Dodgers but damn... and I was rooting for the Astros too...

Author — PipeGuy64Bit


Amazing every pitch the Astros took advantage of was a fastball as if they knew that pitch was coming and not a breaking ball

Author — Yung_Grouch


This was an incredible game. Too bad the whole scandal broke out. I’m not gonna crucify the Astros but let’s be honest. Dodgers are the true champs

Author — Maanas Ravishankar


Funny, it's almost as if they know what pitch is coming...but I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Author — vashthestampede11


Now that we are watching this after they were caught cheating. It’s so blatantly obvious they knew what pitches were coming. Not one offspeed/breaking ball fooled them and they were loading up ready to swing for the fences every fastball. Can’t imagine how Marrow feels.. throw the sink at em and it didn’t even matter in the biggest game of the series..

Author — Tyler Devlin


Now this game makes a lot of sense. I couldn't believe how our guys kept getting blasted this game in particular.

Author — Jesus Parra


So how do the astros players feel that they almost lost to the Dodgers when they were cheating this whole time

Author — Omar Delabra


Even as a Dodgers fan, I thought this was the greatest game in MLB history. Win or lose.
But now after the Astros cheating, and their players wearing a device that buzzed so they can know when to swing, I’m disgusted. Dodgers played their hearts out, gave it their all. Sad more than anything.

Author — ReZounds


I wonder how many signs got stolen in this game?

Author — Platez


This is impressive. The Dodgers fought hard against cheaters & almost won. True champion team

Author — Christopher Orrante


This used to be my favorite game ever played, and I don't even care about either team. It was just so incredible. So much energy. So much drama. The back and forth, like a great boxing match. The crowd's insanity. Everything about it was so good for baseball, so incredibly compelling, so amazing to watch. I even loved the train whistle, which, if I were a Dodger fan would give me nightmares the rest of my life.

But now I watch it and feel nothing. You can hear the "charge" whistle right before Altuve's home run (among other places), and they were cheating throughout the whole damn game. Now I watch it, and I feel no positive emotion. Frankly, I feel nothing. And that makes me really, really angry.

Fuck you, Houston, for taking away something like this from not only me, but from all baseball fans. Enjoy your tainted trophy, you bastards.

Author — Matthew Gagnon


Cheaters, it’s easy to square up a fastball when you know it’s coming

Author — Scotty P


Cheaters. Supported by corrupt Manfred.

Author — pigjubby1