Papo 2017 Ceratosaurus || Dinosaur Figure Review!

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Today we are taking a look at the BRAND NEW 2017 Papo Ceratosaurus! This was one of my most anticipated releases from Papo this year. It is truly a beautiful figure with its lovely sculpt, details, and color scheme. Let's take a closer look....

I do not own any of the images I use for educational purposes, the credit goes to the original artists. If any of the artists would like their name credited in the video description, please do contact me.

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Thanks for posting up this video review. We really appreciated the close up views of the skull and the views of the mouth.

Author — Everything Dinosaur


First video I've seen of yours, but I'm loving this review! I love that you take into account scientific accuracy, even on such little things like the arms, most reviewers would just gloss over it.

Author — DinoGirl500


Great review! Im probably gonna order that amazing figure today!

Author — CeratoGuy Reviews


That leg gets me every time I see it, hahah! Cute! Not my Papo favourite, but a nice figure. The top is done nicely.
Lovely review as always!

Author — Shushuda


It does look nice, though I think it resembles C. magnicornis than C. dentisulcatus because C. dentisulcatus has a convexing in the Maxilla that extends downwards that makes the Maxilla look like it has a swooping morphology from the posterior of the Maxilla to the Premaxilla which has a more horizontal margin

Author — CAWCarcharo34


Can't wait to get this guy for my birthday in a few days. Great job SpinoDude :)

Author — Matthew The Dinosaur King


Looks very much like a forest version of the model, i love the small details and the model but I wish the model has a glossy eye and mouth for a more wet look.

Author — Bruce Dietrich


Awesome figure! I can't wait until Christmas because I know that one present is the Juvenile Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus pack. Also, I recommend that you do a review of the Juvenile Spinosaurus because there aren't many reviews of it.

Author — Vodesu


Got 2 of these guys, one just wasnt enough. Beautiful dino & great review

Author — Jrex 919


Man this is cool. Though I want the acrocanthosaurus more

Author — Naren the Beesechurger Man


I love ceratoraurus and your video! :)

Author — Russel Tomacas


can you have a review on the crylophosaurus on the next video

Author — Jin Sakai


How long does it take for u to get these?

Author — Silver Suchomimus


can you please do the papo acrocathosaurus

Author — Jr


Spinodude everything dinosaur can delivery their products in usa ?And new subscriber !

Author — Scientific things


I do yave that but mine doesn't have a good paint job

Author — [:TrickyAnimsYT Channel:]


I mean is my collection good? like I don't think it's the best

Author — Dab Boi