FL2K19 Day 2: Leroy Races the Fastest Stick Shift Car ON THE PLANET!!

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FL2K19 Day 2: Leroy Races the Fastest Stick Shift Car ON THE PLANET!! 5

Eliminations day at FL2K19! Leroy, Ruby, and the 240 take on the competition!

Here's our Full Schedule for 2019!

-Jeremy's Shop, Fasterproms (tuning) - (813) 476-7364
-Texas Speed & Performance - (512) 863-0900
-ProFab Performance Plus - (727) 849-9300

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This Is how many people wanna see Leroy run a 6

Author — Drew Sims


Can you hear my HELL YA BROTHER! From up here in Canada?? Woohoo!!!

Author — ostacruiser


"Who're you talkin' to?"
1.62 million people

Author — tony zooks


We always talk about the cars, but damn can we give some credit to ol cleeters driving? 8.0x consistantly in a stick shift. What a legend.

Author — Kevin Hibbard


Every single pass you see a time slip flying out of leroy.

Author — Chris Rogers


Who's been here since Cletus bought Leroy

Author — Tyson Lloyd


Leroy needs at least a minor aero package, that’s why he can’t get past 180. Which is still fast af, but either run in the baby classes. Or get Leroy some aero help, has more than enough power to run mid to low 7’s easy

Author — Ben Dover


two words that will make Leroy faster: Drag coefficient

Author — Andy Beaudoin


Is no one going to recognize that he ran ruby with a bag of cheddar ruffles in the back?! 😂 9:05

Author — Kurt Luce


When you run an 8.9 but watch the other guy cross the line AND see his time. That's nuts.

Author — Chris Pofahl


We need Leroy to be the main focus, we gotta get him back to his glory

Author — A7xfan2007


The fastest RWD DSM's go low 6s in the quarter. For all the people who think awd is an advantage. Stop making excuses. Great reaction time by Leroy. Needs more tire.

Author — skippys vr4


“Who you talking to?” “My camera”. “Oh...”

Author — vWxrden -


No shame losing to a guy running that hot a car and who seems like a class act. New clutch time for Ruby!

Author — Perry Twisdale


Not gonna lie, that may be the most hyped an intro has ever gotten me.

Author — Josh Valencia


Not to be “that guy”... but I do hope that since toast is done and the El Camino is on the back burner right now that Garrett and the group will spend some time going through Leroy and Ruby and making the necessary changes to run competitively in their respective classes.

Author — Jack Tearman


James is so funny, "we put new air in the tyre" =D

Author — Taylor Painter


💯💯 not one person noticed that at 6:15 Cleeter was talking to Red Demon after their first run and he said “I’ll see you in the finals” followed by “it’ll take a miracle”. 💯💯

Author — Lextech Lighting


Need to focus on Leroy and stop playing with these projects

Author — Liftedlifestyle


cleetus: "come on guys we got this!"
random guy: "who are you talking to?"
cleetus: "my camera"


Author — Frédéric Gendron