China Lights Up the Sky with a Secret Weapon Test

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

China conducted a secret weapon test that has caught the US intelligence community off guard. Back in August, China lit up the sky when it tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, which travels faster than the speed of sound. The global shipping supply crisis might affect Christmas, thanks in part to China's power shortage. And a man in Jiangsu Province takes drastic measures after his daughter fails to solve a math problem correctly. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for that and more of this week's China news headlines.

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💬 Comments

The fact that Chris knows how to light a beacon in Minecraft just absolutely baffles me.

Author — SuperTallBird


The University of Queensland Australia has a significant Hypersonics research program funded by the US military. Problem is they also train Chinese students up to PHD level in this same technology.

Author — Kaptain 1964


This has to be pretty unique: a really professional newsreader who thoroughly seasons his broadcasts with a great sense of humour. [US 'humor'] Thank you, Chris!

Author — Wingalaxi


The beauty of the Enes Kanter story is that the NBA has praised him for standing up to the regime in Turkey, and bent the knee to China since Darrell Morrey's tweet. Now the NBA has to choose between standing up to the CCP or trying to criticize or silence Kanter and in the process looking hypocritical.

Author — Davivd2


Now we understand why Trump wanted a space branch of the military

Author — Shane Pye


So sad to be on the edge of the biggest war of all and being only able to watch the disaster unfold

Author — Vale Blue


I find it funny that the U.S.'s Intelligence Services are "surprised" by this missile test. They must not watch China Uncensored since there are 3 videos over 3 years old about this very subject.

Author — A.J. Castellanos


China sends a white beam of energy into the sky.
Gandalf: The dark lord Sauron has now gathered the full power of his forces.

Author — Andres Emilio DiStefano


The US has thousands of ICBMs that can travel at mach 23. They’re called minutemen missiles and they’ve existed for decades. China is just catching up

Author — fuckyoutubepolicy staff


"If the Wither doesnt obey make it your prey."
Sun Tzu arts of crafting

Author — E


It's funny how memes about Chinese parents having extremely high standards for their kids are getting more and more realistic 😂

Author — Matt


China grinds for 3 hours to obtain a beacon.
True gamer moment. 🇻🇳

Author — Reebomk


Before the US starts working on any deterrence, they need to first confirm the pronouns of the missiles.

Author — 杰森Jason


Your content is consistently informative, humorous and you can tell that so much hard work and dedication is put into creating this, so thank you for all that you are doing!

Author — Josh


The US missile defense should have no problems shooting down a hyper velocity rocket. ALL ICBMs are hyper velocity.... ALL. They typically travel at Mach 15-25. The only difference here is this is a single warhead and not a MIRV and it does not have a true ballistic path, but instead can orbit the Earth multiple times before coming down. This is just near orbital velocity. The US has shot down satellites just like what this missile would be doing back in 2008. It might require a few more missile bases and more tracking centers to be safe, but this is not some unstoppable weapon.

Author — Todd Abbott


If I was a general of the US military, I would go to the national archives and dig up the space defense initiative plan, modernize the plan and lobby for Congress to implement it.

Author — Consurge


Thank you Chris! I watch your show with my high school students regularly as we are studying modern China for our unit in Global Issues. Thank you for keeping your content school appropriate and educational!

Author — Nicholas Peterson


"is Tiwan still worth it?"
me: Yes it fucking is, if we submit to tyranny than we're no better than the tyrannical regime in china

Author — KidozyGAME


Talking about hypocrisy, China is also one of the security council in UN.

Author — Bahatman


What do you expect when the generals are more concerned about critical race theory and Trump voters than defending their own country and citizens??

Author — Oil Straight