Armin's The New Colossal Titan | Attack On Titan Season 3 | HD

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The ost was just amazing !!! Armins six pack tho

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Breaks my heart knowing that Bertholdt never got to confess his feelings towards Annie, which makes it even more sad because his last words were Annie..

Author — chace lee


Bertholdt's voice actor did an amazing job. His screams are too real.

Author — Manny


1:26 for a split second, Bert smiled at his old comrades, thinking they would save him. Sadly he thought wrong.

Author — Teaseful Miko


After this season's part ..and after this ending ...i don't think there will be a better anime than Attack on titan .

Author — abdou liverpool


Damn look at the hope in his eyes when he saw them standing there, that's sad

Author — Little Noodle


My god i feel so bad for levi in all this. You can really tell it legitimately hurts him to make this decision, yet he never breaks down. I really hope he catches a break by the end of the series (im familiar with manga)

Author — Nicholas Ohmann


The moment I saw Armin, I broke down crying!
This is the best series ever.

Can't wait to see what's in the basement

Author — Felipe Ruiz


I just realized both Armin and Erwin strategically sacrificed their lives in order to win time for their BEAST friends to finish the final boss.
My two favorite characters <3

Author — Joaquín Calvo


Is no one gonna talk about how much this would deeply impact Mikasa, Jean, Conney, Sasha, or even Eren. Think about it Eren just had his best friend die right in front of him, he had to put aside years of their friendship and let Armin be killed by the same person who broke down their lives when they were children. For Eren to even allow that to happen must’ve put an inexplicable amount of feelings in him, not to mention he had the weight of Bertholdt and Reiner fighting him finally set in and that he needs to take charge and save humanity after the rod reiss incident happened like two months prior. Long story short Eren is having his world flipped around over and over till he had a break from all the rapid changes in his life and then just as he gets adjusted to life he had to let his best friend die so the scouts could gain an advantage. That’s BRUTAL.

Also I find it so poetic for eren to see Armin come back from the brink of death, just as Armin saw Eren appear out of his Titan at the start of the series. I think that’s really cool, two life long friends seeing each other practically die in front of them and then to have the person you watch get killed to be brought back. I find that piece of parallelism incredible

Author — Confused Cephalopod


The Ost at the end of this scene is just amazing.

Author — Beast Titan


Armin: *gets the collosal titan power
Reiner: How dare you stand where he stood?!

Author — Kluzia aka Wnoreczka


How Ironic. Titan Bertholdt killed human Armin and Titan Armin killed human Bertholdt. Karma is a b1tch

Author — B4RC4L1FE


Mikasa is so lucky both of her boys became built six-pack ripped everything no wonder she is smiling and crying at the end

Author — demarcusjamesbartholomewthe3rd


Inspite of being a Manga reader, this was one of the most touching moments in this anime

Author — Enchanted Sword


Rip erwin 😭 our commander..feel sad for him that he not able to reach the ground floor eren's house

Author — dawood


I really don’t know how to feel about Bertholdt, I was satisfied with his death, but at the same time I was also very sad for him because in this anime there’s not such thing as a bad or good person

Author — Paula


The ost in the end is just a masterpiece, it's sad that makes you want to cry for Erwin, or full of hope that you feel happy because Armin is still alive.

Author — Faisaru


I love how Kenny's realization before his death fits so well with this current narrative.

Author — HyperLXD


It's so beautiful how they do this... there isnt really a bad guy, like at all. Especially with the manga rn. It's just people fighting for what they want, who they love. The place they care about the most. Bert, Reiner, Annie. They knew these people weren't devil's, they were people. I love this show so much. Seeing Bert die again is heart breaking. Armin having his memories now too its just... dam.. love this scene. The music, facial expressions, fucking voice acting animation. So beautiful. Amazing fucking show.

Author — Blanoble 7


The song when armin comes out of the titan made me teared up so bad.. Sawano really did a good job.. 😢

Author — Mohamad Izmir Farhan Ahmad