BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V

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BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V 4.5
BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love'

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American Blink here, almost time for bed.
But who staying up with me?

Author — shontel braxton


The toxic fandom has a comeback today for their idols, so blinks they are commenting hashtags on our queen's music video, to slow our views,

We must protect our queens from those dirty fandom haters,

That fandom is not streaming their own idols music instead hating on blackpink !!

Be careful blinks, protect our queens !!

Author — anagha a


To be a Blink is to endure and have unlimited patience.

Author — Kyrie Jelly


True facts: *KTL is gonna turn into 1 years old soon and YG still not yet announced about new BLACKPINK album and their biggest global project to BLINKs*

Edit: *Their biggest global project is just a doll... Seriously YG we BLINK want BLACKPINK comeback with 1st Full Album and Rose, Lisa & Jisoo solo debut*

Author — Nasrul Zaffrey


Okay, for those army who commented hashtags here, please stop, we didn't do anything to you but yet u guys still doing this, lets just support our idol with no fanwars cuz that is just so stupid, blackpink and bts are doing really well and they don't want this childish fanwar to happen, so please.
I just want peace.
Is that a hard thing to do for us? No!

Author — athiya Aa


How many people loves *JISOO* ??<3

_1 like = 1 person_

Author — iya. cadizz



Author — jsjs nn


Ermys making spam, imagine how tired we are! LOL get a life, go to stream DNA if you want to get 1B of views

Author — Tony Ikknotesa


They are commenting hashtags because they’re scared of us

Author — BLINK Ot4 Police


Top 5 Most followed kpop artist on Instagram
2. Jennie
Blackpink is the revolution 😍😍

Author — Jasmine Akter


Let's talk about Jisoo too okay guys! She looks and sounds amazing and her acting part was so ❤️ ❤️

Author — Blackpink's lightstick is the best ever!


Who is better?
Like - Blackpink
Comment - BlackPink

Author — 15K Subs In 2020 Challenge


To my dear wonderful girls, I will not be part of those people who will put pressure and feel entitled for your comeback. I will patiently wait for y'all being amazing and everything. I just want u all to know that there's someone who actually cares for your health and well-being, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So relax, take your time, good things will come at the right moment, and yeah 2020 sounds good, just keepin up with the synchronicities. May the universe conspires in your favor.

Author — chorvagee


They are the ones who overdo it and when we fight back we’re “toxic” 😆

Author — BLINK Ot4 Police


Blinks don’t worry about the spams let’s just stream and get this to 1B!! And save money to buy their upcoming album

Author — Brayan Garcia


This played on the radio today here in Saskatchewan, Canada and my dad looked at me like I was crazy because I was screaming and fangirling so much😂😂😂

Author — Infinity Strong


This is a proof we were here before 1 billion views.


Author — Yoongtaekook


BTS = comment

Edit:omg thxxx sooo much for the likes 😭😭😭🤞

Author — Nita Khamgoo Year 07


*INFO:KILL THIS LOVE' EP has now surpassed the mark of 400 MILLION streams on Spotify, joining their own EP 'SQUARE UP' as the ONLY albums by Female K-Pop acts to reach this milestone. 'KILL THIS LOVE' is also the FASTEST album to achieve this.*

Author — pretty girl3


Can all the army's out there stop commenting with hashtags...I'm an army myself so it's sad to know that other army's are doing this...I'm a blink too nd I don't want anything bad for them

If u guys don't like blackpink it's fine but trying to put them down is bad...just think about it when other fandom ppl come nd hate on bts...we don't like it so the same way blinks don't like it either that u guys r bringing blackpink down so just respect other Kpop grps...they are HUMANS too...they have also worked very hard to reach where they are

So I request all the army's to support blinks instead of putting them down...I'm saying this cause I'm an army too

I love both the grps equally...I don't want anything bad for both the grps...they both deserve the world


Ps: when blackpink comebacks let's try to get to to 100m in 24 hrs...we can do this blinks!!!

53 likes!!! Wow...this is the first time I got so many likes...thanks (smiley face)

Author — RJ