LEGO Worlds - Unlocking Nya & Master Wu - Ninjago Characters

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LEGO Worlds - Unlocking Nya & Master Wu - Ninjago Characters 5

Unlocking Nya, Master Wu, Anacondrai and Master Chen in LEGO Worlds on PS4. These Ninjago characters can be unlocked by grabbing the brick builds and using them in game and then completing the quest for the character. Master Chen seems to have a bug where you can't actually purchase him after discovering him so I can't show gameplay with that character quite yet.

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So the Chen not discovering glitch is for everyone at thought it was just for me

Author — Cactus Thing 4690


HOW DO I GET NINJAGO MOVIE STUFF!?!? pls somebody tell me

Author — Aivaras Bagdonas


Dude I hope your channel gets more successful btw First

To be lonely so I'm gonna like my comment :(

Author — LawyerIsABot


We can't unlock master Chen sadly it's bugged

Author — LockStick


Woukd be cool if they could add the mechs just saying

Author — Randall Smith


How did you get wu’s dojo I have PlayStation too and it’s not showing up

Author — CJ-Prime 03


If you missed the nexo knights brick builds can you still get the characters?

Author — Starwarsfan247