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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

We test the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and see what this updated luxury SUV is like to drive.

Your neighbours all have a BMW X3, Mercedes GLC, Audi Q5 or Land Rover Discovery Sport. Want to be different? Well, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio might be just the ticket. In today’s video, Nathan Ponchard takes a close look at the updated 2021 Stelvio Veloce, which uses a 206kW (276 hp) turbo petrol four-cylinder engine. The Veloce is the last stop before the bonkers Stelvio Quadrifoglio, with its 375kW 2.9-litre V6.

Rivals to the Stelvio also include the Volvo XC60 and Range Rover Evoque. But which one would you take?

There’s also the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan, which shares underpinnings and engines with the Stelvio but sits much lower.

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Time codes:

0:00 - What is the Alfa Romeo Stelvio?
1:14 - Changes for 2021
1:50 - Design
2:48 - Boot space
3:43 - Interior
7:32 - Back seats
9:37 - Running costs
10:13 - How does the Stelvio Veloce drive?
19:30 - Alfa Romeo Stelvio verdict

💬 Comments

I sold my Giulietta QV a month ago and bought this exact same Stelvio. Even same colour and sunroof. It is absolute magic. I love it more than when I had my first test drive. As an owner I don’t support the comments about the DNA or sunroof. Where do you expect a full glass roof to go when folded back? In the boot? The only issue I have is really with Alfa Romeo. They don’t give it any exposure so it only sells by word of mouth. I looked at every possible SUV, more through COVID-boredom than anything else. Despite being an Alfa owner the Stelvio wasn’t top-of-mind. I was looking at a Discovery Sport when I wandered into the Alfa dealer next door. Trust me, this is a stunning car to own. Pass the word on, you won’t be disappointed.

Author — Tim Quilty


Can attest to the Stelvio having one of the most direct and precise steering and chassis handling in the market!

Author — Victor Do


I have the Stelvio diesel with the Veloce pack, to be honest it was like you were doing a review on another make of car than I own. I previously owned a Jaguar and before that a BMW X5 and there really is no comparison, the Stelvio is sharper in the steering, the ride is by far and away more comfortable but way more sporty and it has a tone more torque, Coming on 18 months ownership i can say I have never been happier with a vehicle purchase in my 61 years.

Author — Chris OB


I love my Stelvio. I have the chocolate interior that the review disses slightly and it looks fantastic. I think the brown is a good middle ground between the dull Germanic black of the test vehicle here and the pimped up Alfa red that is just a little bit ... extra. Owning an Alfa is all about the drive and this vehicle almost defies the laws of physics. It's a high riding SUV but handles like a warm hatch on rails. I've taken mine off road and the Q4 AWD system is really impressively solid and responsive on rough terrain. I test drove the Audi Q3 the same day as the Stelvio and they are chalk and cheese. The Audi just felt so dreary in comparison. Zero regrets with my Stelvio and 100% reliability for 21k km so far.

Author — Sub


Great Review! One of the most beautiful SUVs on the Market. And well priced too. Well done Alfa.

Author — CARacter Reviews


Good value for money, especially against the Germans. The exterior is a little plain and, in my view could do with a little sparkle. All round, this is an aspirational vehicle. Top review Nathan.

Author — John Edds


A few comments.
In Italy and Europe, the TI has been the Veloce all along.
We can have also have a TI in Europe, but in this case, it would be a Stelvio with some Quadrifoglio inspired carbon fiber details.

I don't agree that the Stelvio tries to feel any gap between the German rivals.
Either you have the boxy approach like the BMW X3 or Audi Q5, or the sporty approach like the Stelvio, X4, Macan or GLC coupe.
In terms of dimensions the Stelvio is up there with its rivals. I see no gap. I see a great exterior design hiding its true dimensions.

Although I would like to be able to switch off traction and stability control just for fun once in a while, I found no other problem with the DNA.
The most common approach is to have it in Dynamic mode to have a more sporty response from the engine and be able to dial back the suspension to comfort. ...and that's available.
I don't see a point on having a stiffer suspension for better cornering handling, but with a 'normal' engine setting for 'normal' response.
If you want stiff suspension for better handling, than you will want sporty engine for the same reason.
Just my two cents.

I can see you people downunder didn't yet caught the SUV fever and still prefer sedan wagon versions.
...I'm sure you wouldn't have to wait much longer. 😉

Author — Mik S


That was a fair review although I found it agonising watching it trundle around those lovely winding roads at such a snail's pace! This car, as with all Alfas, is about the driving experience so it would have been nice to see you push it around a bit. I have a Giulia Veloce and would love it in a wagon version like they did with the 159.

Author — Patrick


Was there a 30mph speed limit on the test drive route? That part was a painful watch to me!

Interesting and honest review though. I’d like to have seen more enthusiasm and footage of how the car actually drives though. Alfas are driver’s cars not boulevard cruisers imo. I thought Miss Daisy might have been in the back during that test drive….shame that the way the car drives wasn’t demonstrated.

Author — John Rogers


The Stelvio would sell hundreds of thousands if you change the badge to one with better recognition and status.
Only Alfa Romeo owners know how good and trusty their cars are. But that means, not enough people to actually change the brand’s image.

Author — Mik S


Nice to see you again, Ponch. Great review, as always.

Glad you’re part of Tom’s team.

Author — Frank A


Very stunning car in person. One of my favourite LED headlight designs.

Author — Smith John


Wife with a Stelvio after some long term X3(s). Stelvio is a much better feeling, looking, and driving car. The weak spot would probably be the limited dealer network, but so far no problems. Best line I have read: "You buy Alfa's with your heart, not your head"! I think the Genesis will be a killer on par with the Telluride, but it is clearly soulless and not near as good looking....IMHO

Author — Water Bums 1999


The thing with the breaks is that they’re fly-by-wire.
The breaking is modulated by he position of the pedal, not by the pressure applied.
They get some get use to it.

Author — Mik S


Those low sales figures don't "prove" anything, as sales success is about a lot more than just the product. Alfa doesn't have enough dealers in most countries, hasn't increased the warranty beyond its competition and was not sold at all in many countries for a long time (in the US for over 15 years). If they care about increasing sales they've got some work to do.

Author — Roger Sears


*These are sweet!! So many good performance SUVs now it’s hard to choose just one. Thanks for the vid!*

Author — My Car TV - OFFROAD


They need to be selling in the $70k range to achieve the sales figures. You need to factor in the high depreciation too, as second hand they drop a lot.

Author — roger g


Had an
Alfa 75 V6 twin spark years ago the engine was great the rest of the car began to rust in under 2 years, hydraulic lift on rear one pipe burst, and now today every Alfa has its number plate off set because of the Alfa front grill shape and that would mess with my OCD.

Author — Teggsy


Really it's beautiful SUV, it will become more aggressive with the new 21" rims

Author — white shadow


the drive blows the German competition away Alfa is all about the drive that's what sets it apart.

Author — Dan Antonini