U.S. coronavirus deaths top 100,000 -Reuters tally

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U.S. coronavirus deaths top 100,000 -Reuters tally 3.5

U.S. deaths from the novel coronavirus topped 100,000 on Wednesday, according to a Reuters tally.

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R.I.P for who lost their life.
Sympathy for who lost their love. 😔

Author — Tube Kwee


Yet this still doesn’t change the fact how everybody wants to go to the beach ect ect. Go to packed places ect

Author — DJ Mag


May they rest in peace. My condolences to everybody who lost their loved ones.

Author — houstonka


I feel for the families that lost a loved one to this horrible disease...

Author — Bill Da-Butcher


My heart aches for people who lost their loved ones and can not have one last hug or kiss goodbye💔💔😭

Author — Jimin Park


Reading these comments are making me lose brain cells.

Author — Garry Newman


One hundred thousand. They're not numbers. Each one of those people had lives.

Author — Dustin Jang


I hate it for the everyone who lost someone to this virus😭😭😭😭😭 Edit:Thanks for 140 likes omg

Author — Hxney Bear Gaming


So many deaths n yet the people aren’t wearing masks n roaming around carelessly.

Author — Chetana Mohile


Cant have a second wave of outbreaks if you did not stop the first one.

Author — You'll Neverknow


The reality of the world is very strange. Economically strong nations always want to rule the world using their muscle power. They built nuclear missiles to prove themselves. They speak of humanity but they make weapons and earn money by selling those weapons in other countries. On the other hand, those weapons are used to kill people.
They forget that there is something called nature.
Nuclear weapons can scare people, not the corona virus (COVID-19) Other deadly virus.
The money that is wasted in building nuclear weapons should be used to improve the world's health system. No one should die for lack of proper treatment.

Condolences to those who have lost loved ones. Every human death makes me cry. I know the pain of losing a relative. Because I lost my mother when I was very young.
English is not my mother tongue. I'm sorry if I made a mistake.

Author — Ryan R


God bless you all, and all my condolences go to those who lost love ones because of the pandemic.

Author — Sticknub


It's all just so heartbreaking. I just want to wake up and have this all be a dream.

Author — Kiera LeBlanc


Sending love and prayers to all. The affected the Frontliners the ones still struggling the ones doing their parts and stayed home.

Author — Sandra Herrera


"We're going to open up very big!" Why you gotta add "big" to everything man?

Author — Hanseong Lee Eun


you guys have horrible actors. the photos in the beginning? amateur hour!

Author — Koehli _


It breaks my heart that this is happening of this was the case I would have ended all flights to china and from china and would have said no I'm sorry but you could posabuly carry a sickness. I'm sorry but no

Author — Lazzari Snow


The first photo...some wearing masks, some

Author — Haight Bum


600, 000 people died of heart disease last year in the US. A similar number will die this year. The media has not mentioned this more horrific cause of death in March, April or May.

Author — ThisMyCollection 2


Rest in peace to all who passed away from the virus 🙏🏾.everyone else stay safe inside and healthy

Author — Aaron Koeppe