Jimi Hendrix - 'Electric Ladyland' (Excerpt) - Rock/Ballad Guitar Lesson (w/Tabs)

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This is an excerpt of the lesson on How to play "Electric Ladyland" (Solo Guitar Version) by Jimi Hendrix

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I remember this on the ‘Loose Ends’ album from 1973 – the highlight of the whole studio outtakes LP as it was so powerful in its ‘simplicity’ – that is, just simply Jimi and his guitar showing his unique musical structuring. Fantastic rendition again Alex! Thanks for the lesson.

Author — KevArt


Very, very good... as usual! So similar to the original! Congrats Alex!

Author — Carlo Zanini


Thanks for this.
I’m just at two years now learning guitar.
Your Black Sabbath lessons helped get me through a lot of the challenges in the beginning.
Moving on to some Hendrix this third year learning.
Thank you very much for all your detailed lessons.

Author — Kerry From AJ


Woo, way too hard but good job! I can play Bold As Love, for what that's worth...I thought it would blow people's minds but turns out no one has ever heard of it and they dont even seem to appreciate it. The goal of being seen as a great guitarist remains the carrot in front of my nose...

Author — joe jones


I love all of your lessons man please keep it up

Author — Bennett Richman


Tuned halfstep down lesson starts 9:30

Author — Naz


We need more
Open Casket would be great🤘🏽

Author — Henry Sterling Wo


good year. Please, a Gary Moore tab - story of the blues

Author — nikblues


Can you do Died by Alice in Chains PLEASE?!

Author — Johann


I hope the Hendrix estate😠
doesn't hear this🕵️‍♀️🤞

Author — *lone wolf*