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Another riffs video in the bag! I recorded and mixed all these songs in the same tuning being Drop D, except I used the band's provided guitar less, "Guitar Villain" backing tracks for all songs off of Billy Talent III. I used Superior Drummer for the drums. Hope you all enjoy and there's lots more of this kind of content on the way, including another "Essential Riffs" video already complete. Please leave your comments on riffs/songs/bands/videos you'd like to see in future videos and subscribe to see more content related to this!

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Song list:
Try Honesty
River Below
Devil in a Midnight Mass
This Suffering
Fallen Leaves
Saint Veronika
Tears Into Wine
The Dead Can't Testify
Crooked Minds
Hanging by a Thread

Tech info: ________________________________
GUITAR: Kraken Nexter 4.8 Custom Shop
PICKUPS: Nexter Customs P2
AMP/FX: Line 6 Helix
STRINGS: Ernie Ball 11-54
CAMERA: Pixel 2
DAW: Mixcraft 8

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Hey everyone! Back again with another video in my new “10 Essential Riffs” series! This time aI rip through the discography of probably my favourite band of the majority of my childhood, Billy Talent! So many memories evoke from these guys music to even count, and I’ve always found Ian D’Sa to be a super underrated and unique guitarist. All the songs were re-recorded/mixed by myself with the exceptions of any of the songs that were on Billy Talent III, as the band actually released official “Guitar Villain” backing tracks which i used in this video! Cheers everyone and let me know what band/guitarist you’d like to see me to do next!:)

Author — Cam Farrell


I first found out about Billy Talent from hearing the song Red Flag on SSX on Tour. They has been such an influential band to me. The riffs are so unique. I can honestly say I've never heard anything like them before. I also absolutely love the vocalist. They are in my top 5 bands of all time for sure.

Author — TaylorMadjas


BT is probably my favourite Canadian bands but we have so many great bands to choose from

Author — Noah Wilkie


I mean, all of those riffs seems too difficult to even learn to play unless you have a lot of experience, I cant even imagine how can someone make that up :D They're just genious

Author — Naverich


Great selection and playing! This band has so many cool riffs and probably my favorite Drop D riffs. Well done 👍✅

Author — dinaintipi


This is simply awesome, bro.. love the energy, the vibes, the presentation ... Salute

Author — Michael Gayut MG


Dude this is amazing. I missed Pins and Needles, one of my favourite riffs from my teen days lol anyways keep it up!! edit: just subbed

Author — HiphopRiffs


The Dead Can’t Testify riff was slick! Solid stuff man, love it!

Author — D_Mills


Damn dude your tone is just gorgeous! How did you record it and achieve it the way we can listen to it? Keep on!

Author — Dragsour


all their riffs are just so powerful!!! i’m learning covered in cowardice right now and having a blast. love this compilation!

Author — m0nkstringz


You make it look easy... so many great riffs from BT

Author — human


BT has been my favourite band since their first album dropped. Still one of my most listened to albums to this day.

Author — Foxhound


Absolutely sick man, love your version of the riffs and one can see how much you enjoy playing them that's even more awesome! They are my most favorite part of their songs. Your version of this suffering is incredible, nearly as good as the original in my opinion you captured it very well👌🏻I'm just really discovering Billy Talent and am loving it, much love from Germany👍🏼

Author — alphagamer047


Man you getting some sick tones there, rock on brother!

Author — Chef Jack


Hi Bro! Absolutely well played, it sounds really good and u are one guy who showed me i still improve my play and anytime I can play it myself. On crooked minds there was a really nice part and u did the same face like : oh damn nice, because u feel it as well.
Very nice video and the siund quality was really good too. How long do you play?
Hope there wasn't much mistakes, because my English isn't the best.
Thanks for reading :)
Keep goin' and stay safe!

Author — xAngxL


Wow sir ... after seeing your work, I feel even more grateful to have gotten a positive comment on my channel. Maybe one day I'll be as talented you are! For now +1 subscriber here and it'd be treat to to trade more covers with you too. You're incredible and thank you! :)

Author — Mx1600i


BT wrote some great riffs and music, very well played sir, nice tone and the guitar look awesome, I want one 🤘

Author — Stef Guitar


I first started listening to Billy Talent back in 2006 when Billy Talent II was released. It fit right into my edgy teenager phase and after a few years I stopped listening to the band since I asociated them with edgy teen music and not something you may enjoy "guilt-free" as an "adult". Now I'm 27 and for the past few years I've re-discovered many of my childhood bands. As a guitarist myself I was blown away by how awesome (and complex) Billy Talent's riffs are and I can say with confidence that they are an amazing band that should never have to bear the stigma of an edgy teeny band.

Author — Onk3lM0


how long have you been playing? this is incredible

Author — butt


Subbed, just re found BT and my soul is thanking me.
One of the original guitarists of the 2000s

Author — The NEW Iain Mackenzie.