15 Riddles That Will Blow Your Socks Off

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15 Riddles That Will Blow Your Socks Off 4.5
Most people can't even crack half of these puzzles! The last time many people tried to solve a riddle or a puzzle was back in school, and sometimes we all want to check our abilities. Are you ready for some challenging riddles? Then let's see how many of these puzzles you'll manage to get right!

After each riddle, you'll get 10 seconds to figure out the solution before you’re shown the right answer. If you need more time to think, you can always pause the video. You all set? Great! Then let’s get it started!

1. What’s the missing letter? 0:47
2. Why not? 1:23
3. Family ties 2:03
4. Time travel 2:38
5. Which letter is missing? 3:04
6. The man who was robbed 3:39
7. Life is unfair 4:42
8. How about a date? 5:22
9. Ann's weird food preferences 5:54
10. A missed birthday 6:38
11. What letter is missing? 7:13
12. Who will Thomas like? 7:57
13. A problematic parrot 8:52
14. A cryptic location 9:51
15. The island on the lake 10:24
Bonus: 11:18

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- W, L, ... And then what? Use your lateral thinking to find the connection
-People in the Arctic may have extreme difficulty finding food and even starve to death if they can’t. But they’ll never ever eat a penguin. Why is that? Can they be that protective of these cute waddling birds?
- If I'm the only brother-in-law of your mother's brother, who am I? How good are you at family connections?
-What is yesterday's tomorrow and tomorrow's yesterday?
A, B, C, D, _ Do you remember your ABCs? Hey, hold on now. The answer isn’t as straightforward as it seems!
- A man walked into the police station. He said that he’d been robbed on his way to the bank.
- After a particularly heavy snowfall had let up, Daniel went outside and discovered that there was twice as much snow in his yard than in his neighbor’s. But Daniel didn't look surprised at all. How come?
- If the day before yesterday was the 16th, then what date will the day after tomorrow be?
- Ann likes tomatoes but not potatoes. She eats grapes but not lettuce. She loves peas but can’t stand onions. She can eat cucumbers but avoids carrots. So, can you figure out if this picky girl prefers apples or pumpkins?
- A girl was 10 on her last birthday, but she’ll be 12 on her next birthday. How is it possible?
- Can you figure out what letter should be between “F” and “A”?
Thomas likes jeeps but not vans, apples but not pears, tennis but not hockey, and Jimmy but not Nick. So, can you figure out if he’ll like Hannah or Lisa?
- The owner wouldn’t make the deal because he claimed that he’d never lied about the parrot. How is it possible?
- You leave this place without ever having entered it. What is this location?
- Mary is stranded on an island in the middle of an enormous deep lake. Mary can't swim, she doesn't have a boat, and the nearest town is on the shore 5 miles away from her. All she has is 3 ropes, each of them being 2 feet long.
- Here’s another sequence of letters: M T W ... F S S. Which letter is missing in the middle?

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Which of these riddles haven't you managed to solve?



You still did enter the hospital. You were just in your mother's stomach

Author — jazzthegymmast 1


I think I'm one of the 99% people who don't know what comes after the letter *D*

Author — N Aditya


4:34 the robber could have been wearing a ring over his gloves

Author — ••Welcome To My World••


I got number 1 wrong...kinda, i said s for sky, i say count it

Author — Saftey101



Yesterday’s tomorrow is today and tomorrow’s yesterday is today so the answer is today

Author — Akram Productions


You leave this place without having to enter it
Your mother carries you there and you ENTERED IT

Author — Ink Ish


When I was answering the first riddle I guessed A and I got it right xD

Author — BentoBox


Number 7 doesn’t make sense who shovels there yard 🤣

Author — Brettbaill2


3:33 Well, if you add an E, you'll still get an E.

Author — Chikorita Lover GAMING


About question 8 how is the answer 20 . I tried it many times and even asked my smartest friends . They even got 19 can you please explain me .

like this comment if you even got 19

Author — Abdelkrim Selahi


2:26 okay I was thinking, and out of no where I say dad. For no reason, but I guess it was right.

Author — •Little bear Playz•


Question 12 was like one of those “oh come on” questions

Author — Lil Teabag


I thought the first one was “S” for “Sky”

Author — Ryan Tu


10:20 but you did enter it, in your moms stomach...

Author — ThatTeen


A, B, C, D, _ could've been A, since a pattern repeats :/

Author — xyz


jokes on you! i wasnt born in a hospital! #14

Author — Matthew Kister


In the intro when he said hit the subscribe button the subscribers went more then 86 ;-;

Author — BleedinqXHeartz


how are we supposed to know that its winter, and the lake is frozen
you didnt mention it anywhere

Author — Gameplay Bro


5:22 I did it without a calendar 🗓 and in just 2 seconds and it was completely correct

Author — Shirin Ahmed