Are video games linked to real world violence?

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Are video games linked to real world violence? 0.5
Ben Shapiro gives insight on 'The Ingraham Angle' after President Trump holds a meeting on violence and video games at the White House.

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Yes, they make you become a skilled and dangerous murderer.

Maybe I should try out for the Brooklyn Nets because I’m an 88 overall in 2k.

Автор — rey1jj


Short and simple and ONLY answer is:
yes of course they do. I just got back from a baby murdering spree

happy gaming everyone!

Автор — Static Syndrome


If this is true then nobody should ever really worry about Russia... tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) of people have full training via games to take on the Russian army in most scenarios.

Автор — James West


Because Mario Brothers made children eat mushrooms and go into the sewer systems...

Автор — Paul O'Neal


Smash Bros? Violent?Nah.
But controller slamming in competitive Smash is the closest thing we have to real life violence linked to Smash.



If playing violent video games was the problem there would be a lot more shootings...

Автор — Paul O'Neal


Did I take a time machine back to the 90's or something?



At least Ben Shapiro was smart enough to know video games don’t cause violence

Автор — Elias Gibson


No thank you I would rather play CoD than Barbie Adventures

Автор — Spy C


the real reason these school shooting physcopaths appear is because of bad parenting.But nobody wants to admit that he/she wasn't a good parent. instead they dump all the blame on video games.

Автор — Zawad Zawad


"Whether its constitutional or not, we as a society have to talk about..."

-- ok when followed by a discussion on limiting the first amendment, unthinkable when followed by a discussion on limiting the second amendment according to Fox News.

Автор — narutofan9999


You can pry my video games from my cold dead hands.

Автор — Nuanced Gamer


That retired army guy is so full of shit. The APA took back their statement because it was full of bias and faulty research. Studies really show that violent video games actually reduce violence and stress sometimes. Millions of kids play video games and are really chill.

Автор — Benjamin Willcox


Here's an insane idea, don't let your kids play Rated M games

Автор — Branden Kimble


Fox news and government still think as if we play pac-man still we already prove game has reverse effect

Also if what stop violence in schools then talk to parents, stop bullying or IDK look into real problem instead blam outdate topic

Now if need me I need go play with my friends in team fortress 2

Автор — Jarrod Aruseanoex


Ben Shapiro's answer made me happy because I'm a fan of him and he ensured to me he knows what he's talking about as opposed to the other two

Автор — CCsplash


I play forza: it doesnt make me a racecar driver

I play injustice 2: it doesnt make me a super hero

I play madden: it doesnt make me football player

So why on earth does me playing GTA make me a criminal and bad person?

Автор — CrazyHackingLunatic


I like Black Ops 3 and Im not a violent person ☺

Автор — MrSoldier1HD


Cancer is dying let's ban cancer
Not guns
Not war
Let's not even enforce actual laws
Let's ramble about some silly thing that has no effect whilst the rest of the world crumbles

Автор — The Gaming Padowan


It's almost like they can't see the dislikes

Автор — Foxstein