GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: Silent and Sneaky Undetected, Minimal Preps, $2,652,906 Payout

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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: Silent and Sneaky Undetected, Minimal Preps, $2,652,906 Payout 5

In this Diamond Casino Heist run we 2 man the Silent and Sneaky approach stealing artwork after completing very few prep missions (Only drills and security passes).

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Check out the That Score Channel, he makes awesome remixes of the GTA 5 Soundtrack:

Title :: Casino Heist Two
Track is composed by :: Unknown
Stems are remixed by :: TomilovSenya
Track is a property of :: Rockstar Games

💬 Comments on the video

This is what "being good at GTA" truly means, despite what tryhard KD warriors think.

Author — thehitterman


You can do this yet there are still clowns saying the payout is bad. It's fun and the money when you do it like this with a buddy is great.

Author — 1Chasg


I bet Broughy disliked this video because of the F620

Author — Bellic Enterprises


Bro i love your videos and i dont even speak english, im learning and you help me to practice. Saludos de México!

Author — Cookies n CREAM


I tried this my first try (cause I didn’t know the optional ones helped) and I couldn’t get past the elevator

Author — Mr. Biscuit


"The lazy and amateur way" - Lester 2019
Good video tho, keep up the good work!

Author — Dooter Nooter


Artwork is really good and it takes only 9 seconds to do and gives u like 400K

Author — I’m shit with Names


Okay I have a tip for you at the beginning when you walk in jump over to the Metal detector and shoot the first dude and then wait for the anthor dude to spawn in cause he won’t notice and it’s easier for you to kill him

Author — xXSpruceduckXx _


Beautifully done! Good work. I hope I can achieve this level of expertise.

Author — White Shark


when it comes to running out the back and around the race track its fine as long as you or you sound area don't go over the top of the guy in the tunnel.

Author — Phalanx380


Every random ever thinking they will "save time"

Author — DriftingRotary


Excellent video! I always had problems with the lobby guard when taking the staff entrance. He'd spot me instantly and then I remembered that "Oh right, I have a FREAKING DRONE!"

The more optional preps one can skip the more efficient it can get. EMP and stealth gear is good for an easy way in. I often pop the emp outside the vault room so my buddy and I can calmly take out the guards. But we'll try some new strategies as well.

Author — Doktor Vic Tim


That was great just what i was looking for💥

Author — JB Flow


The title says minimum preps. Still did level 2 key card prep

Author — Nickonator


Did you do this is hard mode because there’s a guy in the room you’re in at 4:50

Author — Greencreepercreeps


i tried staff lobby entrance over a dozen time and those first 2 guards spawn to the left under the camera and the guy in the office was staring at the wall next to the door... made it impossible. we had to switch to roof entrance

Author — Smockster941


Ayy my boi you have been
Doing great with the latest videos

Author — Felipe Medina Lira


Hey Ghillie, just out of curiosity, who made your YouTube logo?

Author — LaunchedHalo560


It takes me the whole 3 minutes just to hack one fingerprint

Author — Smalls4


Nice shout-out to Project Homecoming on the getaway

Author — Rosy Miranto