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Romania 4.5

Exploring the Carpathians in Transylvania.
This documentary explores the majestic countryside of Transylvania where we trek on alpine trails and meadows as well as using horse- drawn carts in getting around. We visit Europe's largest bear sanctuary as well as seeing them in their natural habitat. We also explore the oldest town Brasov as well as medieval Saxon villages and churches. No trip to Transylvania would be complete without visiting Bran Castle, known as Draculas Castle.
Narrated by Phil Burrows

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it's kind of sad that Romanians rush to the modern world not realizing how lucky and what a wonderful life & country they have....please don't exploit your land or worse yet give up your beautiful culture and move out of Romania for a modern life....many will regret it later.

Author — Clark Gable


It’s just like Austria! I loved this film. It brought me home in many ways.
Never knew Romania was so gorgeous

Author — rayturnertile


I dearly love Romania ... how can I , as an Americanish Widow move here and live until I die ?

Author — Brooks Equine


the romanian people are so nice and friendly. what a beautiful place and culture they have. I must go there .it is so good to now see the people free from the oppressive rule of charcescu. this is lovely and good to see the tourists happy and polite with the local.people. I dont understand why people dont go on holiday more here. its out of this world and so picturesque with wonderful life and history.

Author — cuppateadee


Romania, tara frumoasa, te iubesc!!😍😍😍😍❤️❤️🤗🤗

Author — Fanica Milea


My goodness, what a beautiful country! The image that the Western world tries to pass in Eastern Europe is very different from reality itself. I loved knowing a little about Romania. Regards to all Romanians and all who know how to appreciate the wonders of nature. Greetings from Brazil!

Author — Direito Constitucional


Many thancks mister Phillips for this amazing video documentar 👍🎩România it's my cantry ❗

Sunt mândru că sunt Român 🇹🇩🇪🇺❤️👍✌️🇹🇩🇪🇺✌️👍❤️ - -

Author — vasy bylli


Oh, it is a very interesting and beautiful country with a receptive people!

Author — Mozart Rodrigues da Silva


Romania has many beautiful places, I have visited there 10 times now and still only seen a fraction of its beauty.

Author — Tony Ofarrell


Beautiful Romania cute peoples
I love it!💒💒💒

Author — Ahmed Tareq


Really I love this view this countryside so beautiful u love it from Morocco also im living in small city we have beautiful natural here

Author — mounir artists


Hermoso vídeo saludos desde Esmeraldas Ecuador

Author — Vinicio Moya Salgado


It was my great joy to have visited this exceptionally beautiful country last month for ten unforgettable days. The people were extraordinary, the food was fabulous, and all the sights, whether in the lovely towns or the bucolic countryside, were gorgeous. My visit made me so aware and proud of that part of me that has some Romanian ancestry. I cannot wait to return and see more!

Author — 57monks


Humans are not made for living in busy overcrowded cities alike in Western Europe or America. Romania and its decontracted lifestyle surrounded by nature and beautiful art cities shows how it should be.

Author — antoon meert


Amo seu canal ❤️🌹🙏 me realiza todos meus sonhos de viajar 🙈 onde realmente desejo está. Gratidão 🙏 bom trabalho

Author — Eliana Silva


Thank you, for your beautiful documentary. :)

Author — willythewave


Muito lindo a Romania Abraços Brasil SP

Author — Elisabete Bento


Thank you so much, Mr. P.Burrows💝 Multumesc !

Author — Victoria Ursu



Author — Stela Stela


I thought Transylvania is a creepy place but look!!! it's beautiful... watching all the way from Manila. Philippines.

Author — Francis Layawan