Witness Describes What He Heard Before Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

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Witness Describes What He Heard Before Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash 5

“Extra’s” Samantha Harris was on location in Calabasas just after Kobe Bryant’s fatal helicopter accident.

Harris spoke to Scott Daehlin, who was outside a nearby church just before the chopper went down. He heard the chopper hovering directly above him before moving off and crashing.

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This has to be the most well informed, coherent, and educated witness ever. Hats off to you sir.

Author — Currently Ascending


RIP Kobe, Gigi and also to the other 7 passengers who lost their lives.🌹

Author — The Trey King Show


Imagine this guy witnessing you cheat on a test.

Author — Ansel Hansen


"It was about nine ... Forty .... Three."

Me being a witness - "I think it was about ....uhh.. morning. I guess"

Author — Any Factor


This dude needs his own YouTube channel explaining things he can hear, I would subscribe

Author — Alex Laverty


he’s probably former military cuz damn his attention to detail is on point

Author — huh


Based on his description, it sounds like he is a pilot himself.

Author — Carlos Gutierrez


Everyone: There was a loud bang and smoke.

This guy: I’ll explain it so well, that you will literally see it for yourself.

Author — D. A.


This gentleman has a keen sense . He knows what he saw. The helicopter was not malfunctioning. This accident was pilot error. This flight should have been cancelled due to unfavorable weather.

Author — Charles Krcilek


what are the chances of having the perfect "earwitness?"

Author — stubadub2k


He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. Good man. Glad there was a smart witness.

Author — Coretta Ha


Damn.. This man should be the official spokesperson for the coronavirus.

Author — TheAvira123


This is the only clip I’ve seen so far that the witness has command of the English language.

Author — jp cia


Death doesn’t care about age, status, wealth, poverty etc. It’s a reality we all will face some of us sooner than others. Life and death go hand in hand.

Author — Zahara Azure


This Journalist is Hyped she’d gotten all her questions answered

Author — Leprince MOZ


Imagine. Every word he said is going to be in history forever

Author — Monnit


This is LITERALLY the smartest witness I've ever heard..

Author — Gaming


Starts with “well I didn’t see much”

... 😂

Author — Melissa Thompson


ME: Your honor, I'd like to call my expert witness to the stand..

Judge: TWA GUY!!!!????..CASE DISMISSED!!!

Author — El Nesto


Kobe trusted his pilot in a dependable helicopter, paul Walker trusted a racecar driver in a Porsche, white star trusted a seasoned captain on his last voyage, dale Earnhardt trusted his abilities on the last lap on the last turn of the nothing..live every day as if it were your last because one day it will be. Love one another

Author — concerned citizen