Witness Describes What He Heard Before Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

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Witness Describes What He Heard Before Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash 5

“Extra’s” Samantha Harris was on location in Calabasas just after Kobe Bryant’s fatal helicopter accident.

Harris spoke to Scott Daehlin, who was outside a nearby church just before the chopper went down. He heard the chopper hovering directly above him before moving off and crashing.

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RIP Kobe, Gigi and also to the other 7 passengers who lost their lives.🌹

Author — The Trey King Show


This has to be the most well informed, coherent, and educated witness ever. Hats off to you sir.

Author — Currently Ascending


Imagine this guy witnessing you cheat on a test.

Author — Ansel Hansen


"It was about nine ... Forty .... Three."

Me being a witness - "I think it was about ....uhh.. morning. I guess"

Author — Any Factor


This gentleman has a keen sense . He knows what he saw. The helicopter was not malfunctioning. This accident was pilot error. This flight should have been cancelled due to unfavorable weather.

Author — Charles Krcilek


This dude needs his own YouTube channel explaining things he can hear, I would subscribe

Author — Alex Laverty


Based on his description, it sounds like he is a pilot himself.

Author — Carlos Gutierrez


he’s probably former military cuz damn his attention to detail is on point

Author — huh


Death doesn’t care about age, status, wealth, poverty etc. It’s a reality we all will face some of us sooner than others. Life and death go hand in hand.

Author — Zahara Azure


what are the chances of having the perfect "earwitness?"

Author — stubadub2k


Damn.. This man should be the official spokesperson for the coronavirus.

Author — TheAvira123


Everyone: There was a loud bang and smoke.

This guy: I’ll explain it so well, that you will literally see it for yourself.

Author — D. A.


This is the only clip I’ve seen so far that the witness has command of the English language.

Author — jp cia


This Journalist is Hyped she’d gotten all her questions answered

Author — Leprince MOZ


He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. Good man. Glad there was a smart witness.

Author — Coretta Ha


Starts with “well I didn’t see much”

... 😂

Author — Melissa Thompson


This is a formal petition to make this man the official witness for everything.

Author — Adam Millard


ME: Your honor, I'd like to call my expert witness to the stand..

Judge: TWA GUY!!!!????..CASE DISMISSED!!!

Author — El Nesto


Imagine. Every word he said is going to be in history forever

Author — Monnit


damn if only this guy could testify at the Epstein trials

Author — ᖇOSS Tᕼᕮ Sᗩᑌᑕᕮ ᗷOSS