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Let me show you some fabulous DVDs from the collection and maybe find you something to watch this evening

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SRP’s favourites in no particular order:
Apocalypto (wow!) MUST SEE
Good, Bad, Ugly
Boyz n Hood

Breaking Bad
Fast Show
Paranormal Activity franchise

Another childhood classic I didn’t mention was Bugsy Malone

Author — @SRPASMR


Any video involving calmly explaining something is always a huge win for me.

Author — @BullofCrete


As someone whose native tongue is (swiss) french, I find a foreign accent is so incredibly relaxing. I melted into such a peaceful and restoring sleep, listening to this, this very morning, during my 2 hour commute to work. Delightful. Would you consider doing more presentation in this fashion ? With precise descriptions of objects and detailing ?

Author — @natinatyoutube


Wow, there it is, you promised and you delivered, just in time for bed on a Sunday! Goes right into my alltime favorites, love the tracing and slow movement of the cases! Fantastic job! Appreciate it!

Author — @DigitalDesires87


Absolutely love this. Especially how careful you slide the dvd boxes in and out the closet. Perfection 👌

Author — @Jorisje83


Your taste in movies is absolutely immaculate!! I grew up watching 80s and early 90s movies even though I was born in 2007, so this definetly brought back some nice memories🫶 (the karate kid is still my favourite movie to this day)

Author — @meliloo.00


getting ready for bed and saw the thumbnail and just KNEW this would be an instant classic

Author — @OliviaWestmorland


Horror is also my favorite genre.
For British comedy, my shelf includes The Young Ones, and a lot of Monty Python.
I, too, recall enjoying Frasier a great deal. Kelsey Grammer is a very talented individual, who's voice would likely allow him to perform ASMR quite well should he choose to do so.

Author — @schmidington


Just watched Layer Cake recently and would say it's now one of my all time favourites. Such an underrated gem!

Author — @MossXM


I can never finish these videos because I get so hooked on how you sustain a particular word or phrase in such a beautiful way. I keep hitting rewind. So calming

Author — @CRtrain


I love both your channel and horror films and am impressed by your horror collection. Other horror films I love include the 80s remake of The Thing, the 2010 remake of The Crazies, Dawn Of The Dead (both versions), Videodrome and the dystopian The Children of Men (but I’m guessing you may have seen these). Something I find few have seen but which I strongly recommend is the incredibly bingeable TV series The Strain!

Author — @paulpettinger8858


John Hughes was a brilliant director and you are a quite brilliant creator as well. This was immensely wonderful! Thank you for this.

Author — @Datsyukiandeke


You have excellent taste! Home Alone, Goonies, Trading Places, Stand By Me, X-Files are some of my favorites! 💜

Author — @Delilah.Elizabeth


The Dollars trilogy has always been one of my all time favorites- made me happy to see my favorite asmrtist having similar movie taste as myself!

Author — @benester4225


All of these DVD cases are in so good quality! was very satisfying to see! 💫

Author — @GabeASMR


Wonderful collection. It's great to see Frasier getting the praise it deserves I never get tired of rewatching it. I'm concerned the sequel will bomb though sadly.

Author — @alexanderturner7940


Phenomenal video as always! I love that Frasier is your favorite show as well! As a musician, one of my favorite episodes is “They’re Playing Our Song.” I still find myself singing Martin’s jingle from time to time 😂

Author — @nmccrear1299


i’ve watched this video probably 5 times since it came out, quickly becoming one of my favorite asmr videos ever, more like this!!

Author — @reesewest43


I hope you do more like this but slightly longer! I’d love to see all your movies

Author — @madi3919


Love the film and video game videos! Can you do like an employee at blockbusters sort of retro video? Feel like that would be a good one for you to give recommendations

Author — @callumcruickshank5236