President Trump Tangles with Foreign Leaders: The Daily Show

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President Trump Tangles with Foreign Leaders: The Daily Show 5

Straining relationships with key U.S. allies, President Trump threatens to invade Mexico and hangs up on the prime minister of Australia after a heated phone call.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

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Trump could probably find a way to start war with Antarctica

Author — AtomicGiraffe


Trump's grandfather was an illegal immigrant.

Author — MsBuchnerd - Amelie


Its hard being half American:

- gets called a terrorist by americans
- gets blamed for trump by foreign friends

edit: wtf i wrote this in middle school just trying to be relatable, please stop liking this.

Author — S. Conway


After 8 terrible years of Bush, Obama used 2 terms just to get the American Ship afloat again. Now, in 2 weeks, Trump has sank that ship faster then most of his businesses.

Author — Kaiser Khan


I find it funny how I can't find any trump supporters in the comments. They probably realized how stupid Trump is and there vote was a mistake.

Author — lepiee


I should be Top comment, because i am german so i invested german time in wrtiting this comment. What makes it extra valuable.

Author — Marco Seiler


It's a sad day when comedians use more logic than leaders. Ironically, it was the same day when leaders forgot what comedic timing is.

Author — sean jokela


Thumbs up if want this lunatic to be impeached asap

Author — GJNA


He picked a fight with how do you do What next??? Canada?

Author — Xbox TechJunky


sometimes it's not even the politics of trump that piss me off, it's that the man is incompetent as not only a president but as an adult human being.

Author — patrick watkins


this Noah guy is the funniest late night host by far, better than his predecessor even. i don't laugh easily but every video of his cracks me up!

Author — Super Saumon


Noah's comment on US spring breakers bringing drugs, rapists, and "some great people" to Mexico is nothing short of brilliant.

Author — Marina Roseman


Didn't Trump questioned Hillary's ability to work long hours and now he is using fatigue as an excuse!

Author — louisanna30


Dear Australia, most Americans love you guys.

Author — Matthew Shields


The world is laughing at the american so-called leader. And it is completely justified.

Author — Marie Taylor


When Angela Merkel has to school Trump on how to be a president....

Author — Rising


I would love to laugh at those people who took Obama for granted

Author — TheLightningAsh


Before you know it, he'll start wars with other planets claiming there are aliens who are illegal immigrants plotting to get into the U.S.

Author — History Nerd


England are petitioning the government to ban Trump from the royal gallery (meeting the queen), it has millions of signatures and now must be properly debated. FYI he is already banned from our House of Commons (Basically your Congress).

Author — The Liquid Remix


Grr. it´s not only Trump but this constant American arrogance! like the security council guy with "IRAN should be thankful to america" - thankful for what? for steeling their oil? for killling civilians there? america has to understand that the best way to prevent terror is not to bomb and insult other countries, but to be a nice normal country!

Author — Sonja Schiff