Minnesota's 1st COVID-19 Case

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Minnesota's 1st COVID-19 Case 4.5

The Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed the state's first case of COVID-19, reports Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield (3:26).
WCCO 4 News At 6– March 6, 2020

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How do we know how many has been infected if they never been tested. Stop feeding people full of BS

Author — Jo Gill


I was in a hospital 2 weeks ago and a healthcare worker told me there was a confirmed case in south Minnisota. That was 16 days ago.

Author — The Good Life


1st they say?? Aheheh first time guys?

Author — JNetwork32


I thought they checked and test for positive from airport or cruise ships so why did it get through to Minnesota? What's it because they're white and just walk free? I don't travel out of the state so just asking and don't mind me.

Author — Hue Yang


How many people did this person infect??? They probably infected hundreds of people before they sought medical attention. This is NOT good! China is out of control and cannot control this deadly virus. Rumor has it that it leaked from biological lab in Wuhan, China. This is nothing to play with. Italy is in lockdown. Millions of people!

Author — Teri Wayne Ballard


The funny thing is most other states have loads of cases and us Minnesotans have 1

Author — Banana Queen


But in Korea a priest say he's the second son of GOD and say as long as people are Christian and is a strong believer they will stay safe and to not wear mask.

Mever mind after over 200 people from his church was infected he have been charge and now is in jail.

Author — Chong Thor BTL