All winners of the Eurovision Song Contest (1956-2019)

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All winners of the Eurovision Song Contest (1956-2019) 5

This is a recap of all winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, from the start in 1956 to the latest contest in 2019.

In 1969, four countries shared the 1st place by getting the same amount of points.

Please, enjoy!

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Fire Saga will probably bring some newcomers here.

Author — Schlager Lucas


Will Ferrell’s Eurovision movie brought me here lol

Author — Tante Amerika


*Abba enters the chat*
The winners for the next few years: LETS DO OFF BRAND ABBA

Author — CertainlyChirpy


Just watching the amount of Americans and non-Europeans discovering Eurovision is actually a thing XD HI!

Author — PortugalDisneyLyrics


2020 Eurovision song contest winner: Fire Saga for "Ja Ja Ding Dong"

Author — Official HoovTube


I was today years old when I found out that Celine Dion competed in Eurovision for Switzerland

Author — Morticia Moonflower


Nice songs! but not as good as "Jaja Ding Dong"!!!

Author — Jaumesclub


it's a shame to see more and more countries drop their native tongue and speak in english.

Author — Connor Amsden


Some of the winners aren’t good. They just won due to political issues.

Author — roman vasilic


Why does the band after ABBA look identical to ABBA

Author — Constantine Ravenna


Yugoslavia finally won it's first Eurovision in 1989 like 12 minutes before that country was disbanded

Author — Elven Artifakt


People here because they grew up with it: 🙂🙂🙂
People here because of Will Farrell: 👁👄👁

Author — mackenna


It’s so cool that fire saga actually used people who won Eurovision in the movie.

Author — Gamer Moments


France : sing in French
Luxembourg : Sing in French
Belgium : Sing in French
Switzerland : Sing in French
Monaco : Sing in French

Author — La Serviette


Non of these songs hit as hard as sigrits and Lars.

Author — ElleFour


Who’s here because of that Eurovision movie in Netflix

Author — Trolling Panda


The Irish sure do produce fantastic musicians. Always loved the Irish people’s sense of soul.

Author — Siccboi _27


2020 winner: Lion Lover by Alexander Lestov (Russia)

Author — Marcela M


Important to remember all these acts are performing absolutely live. There's no editing, no post-production. Unlike most commercial singing shows on tv today. And a lot of these clips are the end-show song reprise, after the performers know they've won and knocked back a fair bit of champagne 😂

Author — psammiad


Yugoslavia won so hard in 89, it promptly decided to end itself.

Author — Stefan