Jacquees On Being The King Of R&B, Growth As An Artist, New Album + More

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Jacquees On Being The King Of R&B, Growth As An Artist, New Album + More 4.5

Jacquees proclaiming his reign as the King of R&B had a lot of people shook. But it was the moments that true legend, Keith Sweat checked him that made the modern day "supreme" realize he had to settle down.

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Damn Jacquees. They even gave me more than 16 minutes, and I lied thru the whole interview.

Author — TK Kirkland


“However he choose to live his life.” 😩😩😂😂 He was so prepared for that question

Author — MJ


That whole Tank Conversation was Oscar Worthy give Jacquees his 🏆😂

Author — Suntruth G


“I ain’t never heard of him” then literally sips his tea lmaoo😂😂

Author — Lala TheGem


Why Jacquees looking like Quavos baby brother.

Author — Listen2TheReal 310


This man is literally the R&B Lil Wayne

Author — King Lucini


Charlamagne such a troll for asking him when he dropping the song with Tank 😭😭😭

Author — Gregory Bell



Jacquees: I don't have nothing against him or his choses in his personal life

Author — M R


" however he choose to live his life" he ain't playing he making sure the lgbtq + Community ain't coming for him 😂

Author — Telika Howard


Yee using all her Vacation days she stacked from years ago

Author — SleepyNever 561


Envy: “WHeRe theY pLaYin 702 aT?”

He’s always asking dumb s****. Like who doesn’t still listen to old skool? Or even still remember listening to it growing up 😒

Author — JKami


All jokes aside, he is pretty talented. His albums and mixtapes consist of some pretty good r&b songs.

Author — Mia Johnson


Charla: “ So you still usin condoms!?
Jaq: “well not with my girl” 😂


Author — KoKo FitFaded


I noticed that he had great media training when they asked him about that other artist from Florida. His response to the Tank question confirmed it.

Author — Olumide


He sipped his drink every time he said something petty 😂😂😂

Author — Raygiel Perry


I HATE that Charlamange won’t pop his water bottle back out when he drinks from it.😩

Author — Shar- Shar


I can't explain but I just like him. LoL. Shout out to Jaquees

Author — Bigg M


Did anyone notice him sipping his coffee with shade...when he said “ I don’t know him” lol

Author — Imani Belgrave


Quees went Mariah Carey on that ass “I don’t know him” 😩😂😂😂

Author — Shawn Ed.


Jacquees: I ain’t never heard of him
*sips tea*

Author — Genuinely DL