James Gray | In Conversation With... | TIFF 2019

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

The award-winning director of We Own the Night and The Immigrant joins us to discuss his sometimes tumultuous relationship with the Hollywood studio system and his forthcoming, Brad Pitt-starring, sci-fi epic Ad Astra.

Since his prize-winning debut Little Odessa in 1994, James Gray has written and directed some of the most distinctive American films of the last quarter-century: The Yards, We Own The Night, Two Lovers, The Immigrant, and The Lost City of Z. As part of the TIFF Cinematheque retrospective of his work, Gray joins us to discuss his creative process, his sometimes tumultuous relationship with the Hollywood studio system, and his forthcoming, highly anticipated science-fiction epic Ad Astra.

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This is my all time favorite interview with any filmmaker that I have ever seen. I come back to watch it in full once every few months. Particularly his final remark about the beauty of how art ages over time really moves me.

Author — Pretentious Film Student


Say what you want about his films, but Gray is head and shoulders the best interviewee in the game

Author — Alex Furnas


Listening to James Gray talking about movies is always a blast, he is a natural comdien.

Author — Xun Ma


James Gray is always a great storyteller in settings like these. I'm actually a bigger fan of his oratorical skills - his knowledge of film and his humour and his anectotes - than I am of his movies.
Agree so much about Gwyneth Paltrow wasting her talents on Goop and superhero movies. She's so astonishing in Seven, Shakespeare in Love, The Talented Mr Ripley, Great Expections, A Perfect Murder and Sylvia.

Author — UlrichUlrich


James Gray is amazing, one of the best filmmakers working today. The Lost City of Z was the best movie of 2017.

Author — Ethan Jones


Incredible interview and insight from James Gray. You can tell he enjoyed the questions and was very generous in return. One of the Greatest film talker in addition of being a master.

Author — Florent Sala


If this filmmaking thing doesn't work out for Gray, he could make a living doing impressions; He's HILARIOUS in that regard.

Author — CrticalConnor


The best convo about being a filmmaker I have ever seen. Thank you.

Author — aalderet


So glad to find a decent interview with him love his films, what a fascinating and entertaining interview he gives, cheers for posting it.

Author — 09nob


I saw Lost City of Z on the big screen. It was fantastic!

Author — Stephen Tronicek


1:07:41 Honestly, best question I've ever heard in an interview with a movie director.

Author — Jan Doering


Great interview, James Gray knows his shit. I can’t wait for his
Next film.

Author — Ray Audelo


1:09:20 is one of the most insightful and beautiful things I've ever heard.

Author — Elliot Moody


James Gray's love and respect for Joaquin Phoenix

Author — 砂糖市


1:19:04 From opera to the celebrities we have today 😩

Author — Mohammad Reza


tnx for sharing these valuable videos, your videos are my filmschool

Author — AMIR


How did Ad Astra lose Thomas Newman as composer?! WTF?!

Author — Daniel Kazmer


The last question: Someone seems to like Jordan Peterson, eh?

Author — Victor Bruno


35 is not better than digital and the two greatest living cinematographers (Roger Deakins and Emmanuel Lubezki) agree. Digital is not only cheaper but it looks better.

Author — Jake