Spin Drift IYPT 2021 Problem 10 Demonstration

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This is a demonstration of IYPT 2021 Problem 10 Spin Drift.

CaYPT 2021 Registration:

Filmed on the RX100V
Background Grid Size: 1.00 cm, 2.54 cm
Slowmotion at 480fps

Fade by Steven Gutheinz

Media Recorded and Edited by Jim Chen

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Hey, cool video and demonstration!
I have some questions regarding the 3d print of the bowl as I would like to do the experiment myself (SYPT student) and do research on the problem:
What was the (approximate) slope of the parabola?
And what was the diameter of the bowl?
Thanks ahead in case you are reading this!!

Author — Kyran Stoecklin


Hi, could you do problem 13 please?? Btw: nice way to explain problem 10, it was very helpful.

Author — Andrea Martínez Macías