Police Repress Anti-Government Protesters in Managua, Nicaragua

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Police Repress Anti-Government Protesters in Managua, Nicaragua 4

▶️ Nicaraguan police allegedly used violence against a group of demonstrators who were asking the government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to release their family members from prison, Thursday, December 12.
👉 The incident occurred outside a hotel in Managua where a seminar organized by different opposition groups had been held earlier.
Families and opposition groups were protesting for the freedom of around 160 detainees they say are political prisoners.
Several journalists were also attacked by the Nicaraguan police while covering the protest.
Nicaragua has been gripped by a political crisis since demonstrations broke out against the Ortega government in April 2018 over planned cuts to welfare benefits.
Human rights groups say more than 320 people have been killed during crackdowns on protests by security forces and armed supporters of the government since demonstrations began. (Reuters)

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Seems protests are getting worse around the world 😳👀

Author — Amanda Anderson


Another socialist country and it’s paradise!

Author — Ack


Just another wonderful day in a Socialist paradise!😅😆✌️☮️👍🇺🇸

Author — Michael Howell


Nicaragua needs peace. Stop overreacting to peaceful protest!

Author — Happy Diner


the united states government is responsible for the death of millions of people ... show only what suits you Yankees

Author — Enrico


Some blames Zionists. Some blames the US. What are these people smoking?

Author — Edge


Esta es la " paz" de Daniel Ortega y Rosario Murillo

Author — Wladimir Narváez


Policia nacional de nicaragua ustedes tambien son del pueblo lo peor es que sus hijo pagaran las consecuencias todo por alguien que solo piensa en si mismo por un presidente que no se preocupa por ustedes y solo los utiliza pues deberian por que su descendentes ya que ellos pagaran tenemos que luchar por que necesitamos mas hospitales y mejorar la economia para que por lo menos tenga para sostenerse cuado ya esten viejos

Author — Emmy Rios


Entre los policías y los pandilleros no hay ninguna diferencia son un poco hombre. Se sientes fuertes porque están en grupo deja a uno solo y se mueren del miedo. Los policías le vendieron el alma al DIABLO por un poco de monedas que ni brillan

Author — Walz Hi



Author — Alondra Decas


Ese mi policia enseñen a rrezpetar a estos trankeros

Author — Ariel Bello


The American goverment stareted this InNicaragua

Author — Jorge cedeno